Only 6 books a year? Who does that?

A while back, on a whim, I googled “How many books does the average person read in a year?”

The answer boggled my mind.


This number, mind you, from a study , is referenced as median, not mean, but its still scary!

I couldn’t believe it? My first thought was “But…but how?” How can a person read only about 6 books a year? That’s less than a month for me! I thought that number had to be horribly wrong, so, I asked around and… it was right. People consistently answered “around 6”.

The follow-up, of course, was that they wished they had time to read more. That they were just too busy, etc. Well, needless to say I cemented a place for myself as a ‘bookworm’ when I went on a rant about how ridiculous that was. How there was always time to read, you just had to make time.

Then I promptly ticked a few people off by suggesting maybe they’d find time to read if they’d stop watching popular reality tv tripe. In my head, if you’ve got time to dissect the lives of those who shall not be named from last nights latest episode, you surely have time to read. You just choose not to.

Well, something has to be done about that! People have to be taught how awesome books are. I decided to ‘put up or shut up’, and start trying to entice people to read again.

What will you get from me? The opinions of a female with no special background in literature, other than I simply love to read. I don’t do high-brow dissections. There’s nothing wrong with them, but that’s simply not who I am. My goal is to review books on a simple level to get people interested in reading them (or warning them away from a book that might scare them off from reading if it sucks that badly.)

Oh, and by the way, I go for the interesting stuff. Sci-fi, horror, and a dash of fantasy.

3 thoughts on “Only 6 books a year? Who does that?

  1. It’s actually terrifying. To be honest, I think it’s even worse in my country (Spain). My friends don’t even read 6 books a year. Their bedrooms only contain the books we were sent to read at school back in the day. The thing is, this isn’t at all unusual. This is common for young people in my country. They just don’t read. Of course, when they come to my place and see the stacks of books everywhere, they’re amazed. Most of them say that they don’t read because they just don’t enjoy it, they get bored. I think it’s just a matter of finding the right genre of books. There are books that would bore me if I read them because they don’t interest me.
    It’s really sad!

    1. It definitely is sad. I’ve had kind of a similar thought (if you don’t like to read, its because you haven’t found the right book).

      Reading utilizes the imagination, and our imagination is one of our best traits.

      I am lucky enough that my partner also loves to read, so we have passed that love onto our child. L’s bookshelves, at 6, already have over 50 books on them, and she’s read (or has had read to her) every single one.

      We do weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) library trips.

      I don’t get how people can NOT read.

      A good book is better than a stiff drink!

      1. Awww that’s incredible!!! I definitely want to be able to share books the day I have children with them. I think it’s SO important for them growing up. I don’t get how anyone can’t get excited going to a bookstore and seeing all the books! But, I guess we’re lucky that even though A LOT of people hardly read, there are still plenty of us that do!:)

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