Talk to Me (2/26): Popcorn!

Popcorn is a must when you watch movies, right? (If you didn’t say yes, stop reading now.)

Popcorn is awesome. This is undeniable. However, people do crazy things with their popcorn. I wouldn’t say my popcorn habits are really weird, but some of my friends definitely think so.

I hate microwaved popcorn. HATE IT. It tastes nasty, it leaves a greasy coating in your mouth, and you always burn a few kernels, without fail. (If you don’t, well, you are the newly appointed God of the Microwave and I bow before you…but I still won’t eat your microwaved popcorn.)

So, when we’re at home, and its time for a movie, I fire up the stove, get out a pan, drizzle in some olive oil, and make popcorn. It takes about 5 minutes, most of which is spent waiting for the pan to heat up high enough to start popping the corn.

It is delicious. Non-greasy, non-burnt, yumminess.

For seasonings, I have 3 defaults.

1.) Sweet. This is a bit of sugar, cinnamon, and just a dash of salt.

2.) Spicy. This is salt, pepper, jalepeno pepper, cayenne, and parmesan cheese.

3.) Sour. This is salt, LEMON pepper, and a dash of regular pepper. Parmesan optional.

So, basic yumminess with no mess, right?

Now, when I’m buying a bag of popcorn for snacking, I have occasionally bought some of that chocolate drizzled stuff. That tends to be yummy. I will also admit to loving me some of that black-bagged white cheddar cheese popcorn. However, neither of those are “Movie watching” popcorn. They are more of the “just to be snacked” kind.

Popcorn from movie theatres… Oh, dear Circe. I love movie theatre popcorn. I don’t even care that its probably a day old. Just give it to me, hand me a shaker of  salt, and get out of my way. I’m going to stuff myself senseless, and drink a gallon of pop while I’m at it.

…….did you know there’s actually stores that sell nothing but ‘gourmet’ popcorn?

So, I’m fairly easy going on popcorn, but what I don’t understand is…

not my photo. found it on flickr under “Free to use or share even commercially” from “randysonofrobert”

Ughhhhhhhh. It just…sticks to your teeth, crunches hard, and isn’t yummy at all.

What’s your favorite kind of popcorn? Are you a caramel-popcorn eating person?

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16 thoughts on “Talk to Me (2/26): Popcorn!

  1. Air popped here. Problem is it doesn’t hold salt well. As an alternative, I’ve sometimes had a small dish of honey in which to dip the popped kernels. And then there was the bacon flavored popcorn from Trader Joe’s: weird but curiously satisfying.

  2. I love basically any kind of popcorn. They’re the best. I recently ate this sticky white chocolate covered with chocolate coconut powder and it tastes sooo good but sooo sticky 😊
    My favourite will probably be the regular butter popcorn, though I don’t like it if it’s too salty!

  3. Haha, it seems we can’t agree on anything: books, pizza roses, popcorn! I love Caramel popcorn. When I was growing up, my mom would make it every fall. So yummy!

    Oooh, but. We can agree on movie popcorn. You cannot go to the movies and not get popcorn! It’s like breaking the rules. 😀

  4. No movie without popcorn. But I’m a microwave cheater :p I remember trying salted popcorn once… Bad experience, terrible ending. I’m all for simple sugar-but-not-too-sugary popcorn

      1. It’s so good, I put a bag of it once in my son’s Christmas stocking and my hubby spotting it on Christmas morning was like “You don’t love me anymore?” because there wasn’t a bag in his stocking. ROFL

    1. Yuck! LOL. I remember the first time I made it on the stove and seasoned it myself. I tasted it, then got the microwave popcorn out of the cabinet, and threw it in the trash.

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