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Marked by Fate. Defined by Their Choices.

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Interview with author D.L. Armillei

D.L. Armillei approached me about doing sort of a publicity swap to advertise the Marked by Fate boxset. I agreed, and out of curiousity looked up her book: Shock of Fate. I asked her if we could tack a little mini-interview about the book on to the end of this promotion, and she graciously agreed.

Sci-FI & Scary: How long did it take you to write Shock of Fate from initial idea to final draft?

D.L. Armillei: I came up with the general idea and started doing research on my story in 2006. I finished outlines for seven books in the Anchoress series by 2009 and had finished the first draft of book 1 Shock of Fate in 2011. The manuscript was in editing (and re-written at least three times) from 2011 through the year it was published, 2017.


Sci-Fi & Scary: If your book was picked up for movie rights, who would you like to see cast as your main characters?

D.L. Armillei: I would like an unknown actress to play the leading roll of Vanessa Cross and prefer unknown actors for her team: Jorie, Brux, Paley, Trey, & Elmot. I feel that an A-list actor may detract from my amazing, deeply layered storyline. I imagine this is how JK Rowling felt when selecting the cast for the Harry Potter movies.

And like the Harry Potter movies, I would love to have well-known actors play the rolls of the adult characters. I know for sure that Queen Latifa would make a great Uxa Huxatec. I wrote that character with her in mind. Margot Robbie would be amazing as Genie, Van’s step-mother.


Sci-Fi & Scary: Shock of Fate is the first book in your Anchoress series. Did you have the whole series mapped out (whether in your head or on paper) before you finished this first book?

D.L. Armillei: Oh yeah. I had the whole series figured out before book one was finished. I answered some of this in question 1 but to expand on that answer I can tell you having the whole series worked out on paper is why editing for Shock of Fate was so long and difficult. If one seemingly minor change was made in book 1, it affected a story thread (subplot) that will manifest in book 3 or book 5. Everything in my story and series is tied together, connected. I’d say at least 99% of the words in Shock of Fate are there because they are tied to something else, have a deeper meaning, or add layers to the theme as well as enrich the story or series. It was impossible to cut anything. I had a vision of Vanessa Cross and built her world and her story based on that glimpse. (I talk in more detail about how my vision of Van came about on my website in the personal bio section). I even had to fight editors to keep the title which has deep meaning tied directly to the plot of the story in book 1. I explain more about the title and its significance to the story in the question below.


Sci-Fi & Scary: Shock of Fate is definitely a book to classify as a fantasy, but there are definitely sci-fi elements involved as well. Was it hard to merge the two for you?

D.L. Armillei: Writing the scifi elements came naturally to me. That is how I see the Living World. That’s just what life is like over there. My problem was wondering if it was “bad” to mix genres. There are so many rules about how to write a story that are followed in the publishing industry. I didn’t know if this genre mash-up was “breaking the rules” of writing and would automatically get my manuscript rejected. It didn’t. Lol.


Sci-Fi & Scary: Who is the target audience for Shock of Fate?

D.L. Armillei: Shock of Fate is classified as a young adult novel for ages 13-17. But it is definitely what is called a “cross over” book, meaning it will appeal to adults too.


Sci-Fi & Scary: How did you come up with the title Shock of Fate?


D.L. Armillei: The title Shock of Fate is a translation of a hexagram in the ancient Chinese oracle called the I Ching, where you toss coins to get a reading. It directly relates to the story — about fifteen year old Vanessa Cross who is coerced through a portal to the Living World. Once there, she discovers that she must retrieve an ancient relic called the Coin of Creation to not only get home but to save her loved ones from being destroyed by a rising army of demons.

The I Ching (pronounced “E-Ching”) is designed to give the reader of the coins guidance and to show them the correct path which coincides with one of the magical properties of the Coin of Creation.

I chose hexagram Shock of Fate #51 in the I Ching because this title reflects Van’s character arc and her story arc. This hexagram translates to: When we exercise ego our spiritual development stops and the universe must use shocking events to move us back onto our path. A continuing series of shocks occurs until the obstruction in our attitude is removed. The only remedy for doubt and fear is reconnection to the higher truth. The sooner you return to acceptance of this truth the sooner the shocks will stop.

Also, Van is shocked that there’s another world, shocked about who her parents are, about who she is, about what she has to do, and that there is no easy way out. But it is her destiny to retrieve the Coin of Creation. So she is both shocked by and fated for this journey.

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