Ten Sci-Fi & Horror Graphic Novels We Want to Read

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This Tuesday we’re talking graphic novels. Scary words, especially to the sci-fi half of the Sci-Fi & Scary duo. Graphic novels are defined as ‘a novel in comic strip format’.  In the past ten years or so, the graphic novel industry has fairly exploded. Something that’s evident by the varied offerings now being displayed.

Graphic novels are also good for starting debates with people. For example, just lean over and whisper to someone reading one: “But, well, they’re not really books are they?” and then… run. Running is good. Probably the only question about books that would raise greater insult would be to insist that listening to an audiobook isn’t really ‘reading’.

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Lilyn’s 3 Sci-Fi Graphic Novels to Read

Alright, I’d like to remind everyone yet again that I don’t do graphic novels. Well, unless they’re kids books. Those are okay. I’ve found one, maybe two, graphic novels for adults that I’ve enjoyed. So, for me to say I want to read these actually means something because I look at most of them and go “Eugh”.

Book cover for FaithFaith is on my list because it’s not some slim, svelte chick with perfect hair who is a seductress by day on the cover. Instead, Faith looks happy and like she genuinely enjoys life. Plus, who can’t empathize with just wanting to post cat videos and snark online?

Author: Jody Houser





Book cover for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur‘s cover caught my attention immediately. Then I read the description, eyeballed a preview, and decided I needed to read this. Bright colors, dinosaurs, and a diverse MC. What’s not to like?

Author: Amy Reeder






Book cover for Saga Vol 1

I’ve seen Saga everywhere! After a while, it just sort of seeps into your head that “you really oughtta read that one”. Plus, I mean, multiracial couple with the chick nursing on the cover. I really need to know what the deal with the rams horns and odd wings.  Actually, now I’m really curious. Hmm.

Author: Brian K. Vaughan






GracieKat’s 5 Horror Graphic Novels to Read

Book cover for Museum of Terror I like the story of Tomie in Museum of Terror and the art style looks appealing. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Author: Junji Ito







Book cover for Le Potrait de Petite CossettThe art style looks cool in Le Portrait de Petite Cossett, the story looks very interesting and I’m a sucker for haunted/cursed paintings! (Who isn’t? Except for Dorian Grey. That’s just…creepy.)

Author: Asuka Katsura






Book cover for Silent Hill Sinner's RewardSilent Hill: Sinner’s Reward is one of the few Silent Hill comics  I don’t have. Even though they’re not really considered canon with the series they’re still interesting stories.

Authors: Steph Stamb, Tom Waltz






Book cover for Locke and Key Vol 1I actually do have this one but I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet. I wanted it because I’ve liked other books by Joe Hill and…Lovecraft!

(Side note from Lilyn: I actually have the audible dramatised version of this. I haven’t got very far through it because I get distracted by other things, but it’s creepy as all beat!)

Authors: Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez




Book cover for From HellI love the movie From Hell but, as always, I’ve heard the book is better.

Authors: Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell


Help Me! I need something different to read!

So, as the title of my blog so clearly states, I love scifi and scary stuff. I tend to not branch out much except for the occasional romance or funny piece.

However, sometimes you just need something different.

So here’s my no-nos:

No novels featuring a character dying.

No high-school level kiss-kiss drama novels.

No non-fiction (this obviously includes biographies. Ewww.)

So… anyone have any suggestions?


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