Dogs of War Review (Sci-Fi Thriller)

Title: Dogs of War | Series: Joe Ledger #9 | Author: Jonathan Maberry | Publisher: Macmillan Audio | Pub. Date: 2017-4-25 | Length: 536 p/ 17 hrs 46 m | Narrator: Ray Porter | Genre: Science Fiction Thriller | Language: English | Triggers: Acts of pedophilia, inferred rape, suicide | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Self-purchased audio book

Dogs of War

Robots are no longer science fiction. Autonomous, programmed to react like animals: fast, relentless, deadly. From microscopic nanobots to massive self-guided aircraft. This technology is here, it’s assessable, and it’s dangerous. What’s even scarier is that almost anyone can get their hands on it.

A freelance terrorist uses the latest generation of robot dogs to deliver WMDs into cities across America. Ultra-realistic robots in the sex industry are used to spread designer plagues. Sophisticated military weapons systems turn on their human masters. A technological apocalypse is coming and we may be too late to stop it.

Joe Ledger and a newly rebuilt Department of Military Sciences square off against this new and terrible threat. Dogs of War pits Joe against a merciless new enemy and an army of techno-terrorists in a race to prevent a global destruction.

Let loose the Dogs of War. – Goodreads


Book cover for Dogs of War

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