This is Horror, Issue 24: Darkest Hours, Into the Drowning Deep, and Black Friday

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This is Horror, Issue 24 is a sampling of Horror News, including book and movie releases, and more. A little bit of everything to make the horror hound in you feel all fuzzy and warm. Or tingle with anticipation. Whatever works for you.

This is Horror’s Weekly Quote

“imagination, of course, can open any door – turn the key and let terror walk right in”

                                                         – Truman Capote

Horror Movies

Featured New Release for December 1st, 2017

A sleep doctor tries to protect a family from a demon that feeds on people in their nightmares

Also Opening

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Horrorific Trivia

Horror has reached almost all media outlets but one area that’s far too often overlooked is…board games. Yes, there are board games that do their best to scare the bejeebers out of you. Down below are a couple I’ve tried and a few more that I’d just love to get my hands on. It is hard to get the creeps from a board game. You can’t dim the lights too much if you actually want to see the dang board at all. But enjoy trying to be because at the very least they’re not dull!

1. Nightmare: The first game in the AtmosFear series, it’s a little plainer than AtmosFear: Harbingers but still fun with some neat effects.

2. AtmosFear: This is an awesome game and so much fun to play. Although if you get it I would make sure to get the older AtmosFear: The Harbingers with the VHS tape (if you still have a VCR, that is) because the DVD one just isn’t that fun. I’m not really sure why they changed it since Harbingers was their top-seller.

3. HorrorClix: Based on the HeroClix system of play using an assembled ‘team’ of horror figures, both monsters and monster hunters. Focus of play is on the figures and using ‘scenario’ and ‘plot twist’ cards to emphasize the storytelling aspect of it.

4. Call of Cthulhu RPG: Created by Chaosium, the gameplay is similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons but instead of the emphasis being on fighting a lot and leveling up your character it’s more story-based. My family is actually playing this while we speak. It’s our first game and at the moment I’m a very inept Keeper but if I get better, hopefully, I’ll let you guys in on an audio stream. It’s a very…disparate lot. We’ve got a Keeper/Speakeasy Owner, Sea Captain, Keeper/World War I Lieutenant (we take turns, his story is next), a Graverobber, a Thief and an Ex-Cultist.

5. Which Witch: I did get this from a yard sale but it’s incomplete so it’s unplayable at the moment. It looks a bit silly, geared more toward younger children.


Titanic: Although not quite in the horror genre it does make you wonder what on earth made someone think: “We need a new game…something light-hearted and whimsical. I know! The Titanic!!” The object of the game is to collect various things from the ship (passport, health clearance, valuables, etc.) before trying to make your way to the upper deck. First one to the lifeboats wins. Fun, huh? And if you’re asking yourself how on earth I know this? I have it. I’ve played it. I have no shame.

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Horror Books

Featured New Horror Release

Book cover for Darkest Hours

Darkest Hours – Mike Thorn – November 21st, 2017

In the bleak landscape of Darkest Hours, people make decisions that lead them into extreme scenarios – sometimes bizarre, often horrific, always unexpected. Between this book’s covers you will find academics in distress; monsters abused by people; people terrorized by demons; ghostly reminiscences; resurrected trauma; and occult filmmaking. Ranging from satirical to dreadful, these stories share a distinct voice: urgent, sardonic, brutal, but always empathetic.

Also newly released:

Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant (review)

Patient Zero by Terry Tyler (review)

Goodreads Horror Giveaways

Book cover for Black Friday

Book cover for Chronicles of Legion Vol 1 Book cover for The Fall of the House of Cabal

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This is Horror’s Weekly Poll

Note: If you are shocked we left a movie off, please feel free to list it in the comments. If enough people talk about it, we’ll include it in the final round.

What is the Best Christmas Horror Movie in Recent Years? (First Round)

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Horror on the Web

If you liked The Houses October Built – Check out the trailer for the sequel here: The Houses October Built 2

Guillermo del Toro is a bit regretful that he turned down the offer to helm some of the ‘Dark Universe’ properties. So are we Mr. del Toro, so are we.

For those Black Mirror fans out there here’s a Season 4 teaser trailer

If this game mentioned on Bloody Disgusting ever becomes a reality, I want it. I wants it a lot, my preciousss…

Bedeviled #MovieReview

Movie cover for BedeviledBedeviled Synopsis: Five friends are terrorized by a supernatural entity after downloading a mysterious app.

Tagline: Evil is about to go viral.

Starring: Saxon SharbinoBonnie MorganBrandon Soo Hoo

Release Date: October 22nd, 2016 | Runtime: 1 hr 31 min | Coolthulhus Earned: 4

Source: Netflix




Bedeviled Review

Bedeviled was a random choice on a Monday morning when I was home from work because I was feeling crappy, and just needed to veg out. I was actually expecting something so cringeworthy that I’d switch to one of my favorite documentaries within a few minutes. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself quickly invested in what was going on.

It sets a good tone right away, using cool blues and vibrant reds in the opening sequence. Even though the opening is nowhere near original, it’s still well done enough to grab your attention. The cool tones change to warm periodically throughout the movie. Again, nothing new, but the cinematography was still very nice to the eyes. Though I will say that sometimes the dark scenes felt a little too dark. Also, the way the movie was filmed, with natural changes between regular filming, and handheld/phone cameras, was nice. A little jarring at times, but it worked.

Saxon Sharbino (Alice) and Mitchell Edwards (Cody) both do great in their respective roles, but all of the cast does a solid job. I appreciated how sweet and sincere Carson Boatman came across as Gavin. They all felt pretty believable and not like the cardboard characters usually set up to be knocked off in these movies. I really appreciated that it was a movie where the group really seem to truly be friends and care about each other. Much better than wasting half the movie on catty infighting.

The pacing of Bedeviled was great. The dialogue felt realistic. It’s an hour and thirty one minutes, but I was so wrapped up in it I was shocked to find out it was that long.  It’s almost a given that there are a lot of jump scares in this movie. However, given how much I liked the other aspects of it, this part of Bedeviled didn’t bother me too much. I’ll easily admit that at least one made me yelp, and another forced a shocked giggle from me.

My favorite line in the whole movie was an older man’s snark about social media and selfies. It was so unexpected, which made it even funnier.

“I can’t tell a duckface from an a**hole.”

In a lot of ways, Bedeviled felt like a new version of Nightmare on Elm Street for modern day. Obviously not nearly as awesome as Nightmare on Elm Street, but surprisingly entertaining and well done nevertheless. I would definitely recommend checking it out on Netflix or Amazon when you get a chance.

Buy link: Amazon 

Disclaimer: I was on pain pills when I watched Bedeviled and wrote the review, so it’s very possible my review may be slightly too kind. Just take it with a grain of salt.

This is Horror, Issue 23: Skybound, Into the Drowning Deep, Patient Zero

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This is Horror, Issue 23 is a sampling of Horror News, including book and movie releases, and more. A little bit of everything to make the horror hound in you feel all fuzzy and warm. Or tingle with anticipation. Whatever works for you.

This is Horror’s Weekly Quote

“Horror fiction shows us that the control we believe we have is purely illusory, and that every moment we teeter on chaos and oblivion.”

–Clive Barker

Horror Movies

Featured New Indie Release for November 7th, 2017

Five friends on a small airplane mysteriously lose their radio connection on a trip from New York to LA. As they continue their flight, they’re forced to assume that a major disaster happened on the ground. They discover a stowaway, Erik, who urges them not to land at any cost. Before they run out of fuel, they must find out the truth.

Starring: Scarlett Byrne, Gavin Stenhouse, Rick Cosnett


Still in Theatres:


Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Medea Halloween

Happy Death Day

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Horrorific Trivia

Welcome to Part Four of the Supernatural Song Title…thing. If you’re interested you can find Parts One, Two and Three if you just follow the links. Quite honestly? I knew there were quite a few but, dang, Supernatural does love it’s song titles. And, as a free bit of trivia, in the episodes Skin and Faith the music on the episodes aired on Netflix is not the same as the original music. I personally like the Netflix music better. In case you’re wondering, on Skin the fill-in music (during the Shifter’s transformation as Dean) that’s playing is Mary by The Death Riders. The music playing in the episode of Faith should be Don’t Fear the Reaper by The Blue Oyster Cult (whose insignia pops up in the Tulpa episode) but is instead Death in the Valley, also by The Death Riders. I only mention it because it’s freaking hard to find out what music they use. I didn’t even realize that the ‘Faith’ episode was also The Death Riders until I tracked down a CD (finally).

1. Thin Lizzie (The name of an actual band) – (S11, E5)

2. Don’t You Forget About MeSimple Minds (S11, E12)

3. Love HurtsNazareth (S11, E13)

4. Stuck in the Middle with YouStealers Wheel (S12, E12)

5. The British Invasion (Reference to The Beatles)

6. The Memory RemainsMetallica (S12, E18)

7. The FutureLeonard Cohen (I’m a little iffy on this one because it’s kind of a vague title)

8. All Along the WatchtowerJimi Hendrix (S12, E23)

And that is all of them. There could be more but some were a bit generic so I really didn’t count them. Thanks for playing Supernatural Music (now I think of a title!) and take a look-see in this area for next week’s bits and bobs.

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Horror Books

Featured Horror New ReleaseBook cover for Into the Drowning Deep

Into the Drowning Deep – Mira Grant – November 14th, 2017

Seven years ago, the Atargatis set off on a voyage to the Mariana Trench to film a “mockumentary” bringing to life ancient sea creatures of legend. It was lost at sea with all hands. Some have called it a hoax; others have called it a maritime tragedy.

Now, a new crew has been assembled. But this time they’re not out to entertain. Some seek to validate their life’s work. Some seek the greatest hunt of all. Some seek the truth. But for the ambitious young scientist Victoria Stewart this is a voyage to uncover the fate of the sister she lost.

Whatever the truth may be, it will only be found below the waves.

But the secrets of the deep come with a price.

Note: I recently got a copy from Netgalley of this, and am currently reading. While I don’t like it as much as her Feed book, I’m definitely enjoying it so far!

Purchase on Amazon

Also recently released: 

Patient Zero by Terry Tyler (My review isn’t up here yet, but I gave it 4*)

Redneck Vol 1: Deep in the Heart by Danny Coates

Stalks by Sara Bourgeois

Goodreads Horror Giveaways:

Book cover for The Last Colossus

Book cover for Surface Tension

Book cover for Norman the First Slash








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This is Horror’s Weekly Poll

How do you feel about Holiday Horror?

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Horror on the Web

Dread Central says these movies will be releasing on VOD this week. The site’s not too sure about IT, though. Angelica and Death on Scenic Drive look interesting. And Killer Donuts.

There’s a Stephen King soundtrack collection. It’s Limited Edition so you probably only need to see the price to be terrified. Check it out at 

They are making The Haunting of Hill House into a series. I’m done. I can think of a million other books that could support a series but I have a sinking feeling that the slim backstory in The Haunting of Hill House was their main inducement. They can do whatever they want. And probably will…

Horror News Radio have been chatting about the movie The Killing of a Sacred Deer today.

I’d like to drop a line here letting you guys know that the Horrors! 365 Scary Stories post is cancelled for tomorrow. I’ll be reviewing the new release Where Nightmares Come From by Crystal Lake Publishing instead. I don’t want to forestall the review but check it out! Next week Horrors! will return as a double-length post. Either way, you guys win!

This is Horror, Issue 22: Unbury Carol, My Friend Dahmer, and Weaponized

The banner for the bi-weekly This is Horror post on Sci-Fi & Scary

This is Horror, Issue 22 is a sampling of Horror News, including book and movie releases, and more. A little bit of everything to make the horror hound in you feel all fuzzy and warm. Or tingle with anticipation. Whatever works for you.

This is Horror’s Weekly Quote:

From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent.” 
― H.P. LovecraftTales of H.P. Lovecraft

Horror Movies

Featured New Horror Release for November 2nd, 2017:

My Friend Dahmer

Movie cover for My Friend Dahmer

Before Jeffrey Dahmer became a notorious serial killer, he was a shy, alcoholic teen who never quite fit in. Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Derf Backderf, this is the true, haunting story of Jeffrey Dahmer in high school.

Starring:  Ross LynchAlex WolffAnne Heche

Note: I’m not entirely sure what I think about this. I mean, dude chopped people up and ate them. The “he was a shy, alcoholic teen who never quite fit in” and “true, haunting story” both make me think that they’re going to try to make me feel sympathy for Dahmer. Sorry, but I have no interest in feeling sorry for someone who chopped people up and ATE them.

In Theaters Now:


Tyler Perry’s Boo 2: A Madea Halloween

Happy Death Day


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Horror Books

Featured Horror New Release

Book cover for Weaponized

Weaponized – Zac Thompson – October 31st, 2017

Truog Island is a desolate place where sexual activity is outlawed. There lives Trip Yash, bored out of his mind. That was until he met Cron. After a night of passion, Cron disappears taking Trip’s virginity with him. A few days later, Trip develops a rash on his hand that eventually blooms into a gun made from his own flesh.

It’s not long before Trip becomes a living weapon locked in a battle against an ancient virus that threatens to ruin his island home. As his body continues to change, terrifying forces emerge with the power to weaponize the dead.

For fans of Clive Barker and David Cronenberg, Weaponized is a nerve-shattering exploration of sexual identity and people’s strange relationship with tools of death. It is a Kafka-esque horror take on sexual orientation and sexually transmitted infections, and how we villainize those who are different.

Also recently released: Tuskers IV: Rise of the Cloven , Strange Weather , Brokeheart

Goodreads Horror Giveaways:

Book cover for House of Windows Book cover for The Merry Spinster Book cover for Unbury Carol





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Horrorific Trivia

Prepare yourself for Part Three of the Supernatural song title = episode list. Counting ahead (as long as it’s not boring you yet!) there will certainly be enough for a Part Four. For Parts One and Two just click the links!

1. Let it BleedThe Rolling Stones (S6, E21)

2. Meet the New Boss (lyrics from ‘Won’t get Fooled Again) – The Who (S7, E1)

3. Time After TimeCyndi Lauper (S7, E12)

4. The Slice Girls (a play on the band name The Spice Girls) (S7, E13)

5. Torn and FrayedThe Rolling Stones (S8, E10)

6. I’m No AngelGreg Allman (S9, E3)

7. Rock and a Hard PlaceThe Rolling Stones (S9, E8)

8. Stairway to HeavenLed Zeppelin (S9, E22)

9. Girls, Girls, GirlsMotley Crue (S10, E7)

10. Paint It, BlackThe Rolling Stones (S10, E16)

The Stones seem to have the honours this week. Let’s see who comes out the most next week for Part Four!

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Horror on the Web

Like horror games? Have you heard of Stifled? Check out this Stifled Review from Upload VR.

It looks like the release of Polaroid isn’t going to happen any time soon, reports Variety. Sucks because I was hoping for good things from it.

No Film School says these are the 5 Horror Films You Should Study to Learn Cinematography.

Want to watch scary movies, but, er, hate scary movies? Check this list out from Den of Geek.

And finally, from Mental Floss, comes Your 10 Favorite Horror Directors’ Favorite Horror Films.


Press Release: Sightings


in High Octane Pictures’



Sightings Movie Poster

Writer-director Dallas Morgan’s unnerving supernatural thriller Sightings premieres on VOD this November.

Dante Basco (Hook, Bad Ass 2 : Bad Asses), Kevin Sizemore (Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462), and Boo Arnold (Nashville) star in a pulse-pounding cornucopia of Stranger Things, Signs and Jaws, arriving November 7.

When former Sheriff and skeptic of the paranormal, Tom Mayfield (Boo Arnold), encounters three dead bodies on his TX ranch, he must enlist the help of his conspiracy-theorist brother-in-law (Rawn Erickson II), a local surveillance expert (Dante Basco), and a renowned cryptozoologist (Stephanie Drapeau), in order to uncover who or what is behind these mysterious events.

While being pursued by the local detective (Kevin Sizemore) as a lead suspect for these deaths, Tom is forced to reconsider his preconceived ideas of what lies beyond our planet.

Ultimately, he must mend the estranged relationship with his daughter (Tahlia Morgan) and come to grips with the truth of his missing wife (Tiffany Heath), as he discovers the importance of community in survival and the belief in the unseen.

From High Octane Pictures, the studio that brought you Clowntergeist and The Answer, comes another workout for your goosebumps, Sightings out 11/7.

Sightings Trailer

My thoughts: Sightings could be good. I was grabbed by the “JAWS meets STRANGER THINGS” in the title. That’s just such a weird mashup that I had to watch the trailer. And when you see the Bigfoot-y thing stomping outside the house in it, it sets your mind to wondering. I kind of want to watch it just to see exactly what the alien looks like when it’s revealed. With the allusion to Jaws, there’d better be some satisfyingly terrifying teeth involved!

I don’t know – what do y’all think? Would you watch Sightings?

If you’re a fan of the whole alien sci-fi horror sub genre, what’s your favorite film?

Press Release: Cute Little Buggers ( #Horror )

Killer Mutant Rabbits Attack This November!

Movie cover for Cute Little Buggers

Gremlins meets Hot Fuzz in Cute Little Buggers, premiering on VOD Nov 7.

Cute Little Buggers

Tony Jopia’s highly anticipated comedy-horror hybrid sees locals of a peaceful English village, enjoying their annual summer festival, when they are suddenly attacked by mutated killer rabbits!

Somewhere in the depths of space, aliens are watching the earth and planning their attack. Unaware of the impending danger, the locals of a sleepy English village are preparing for their summer festival. The aliens launch their offensive by mutating the local rabbit population, and when the furry demons are released, the body count starts to pile up as blood, guts, and fur flies in all directions as the humans fight off the alien threat.

Featuring genre icon Caroline Munro (Maniac, The Spy Who Loved Me) and from Tony Jopia, director of Crying Wolf , comes the wildest film of the fall, Cute Little Buggers – crashlanding Nov 7 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Trailer for Cute Little Buggers


So, as soon as Cute Little Buggers arrived in my inbox, I cheered. I couldn’t help it. Anyone whose ever watched the Once More With Feeling episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is well familiar with Anya’s “Bunnies! It must be bunnnnnnniiiessss!” And yes, I ended up singing that part of I’ve Got a Theory, loudly and off-key, with much gusto. Because I knew it. It was bunnies!

What do you guys think of the trailer? I know they reference Hot Fuzz and Gremlins in the teaser, but I felt like the trailer indicated a little bit of Tremors love in there too!

Obviously Tony Jopia and crew are going straight for awesome campy fun.

“Cute, Cuddly, and Hungry for Blood” is right up there with “Forget the Cud, They Want Blood” in terms of fantastic taglines!

Would you watch Cute Little Buggers?? It comes to VoD November 7th!

Press Release: House by the Lake ( #Horror )

House By the Lake – Releases October 10th!

Los Angeles, CA– Random Media turns a picturesque retreat into a destination of terror in House by the Lake. Starring James Callis (“Battlestar Galactica”, the Bridget Jones series), Anne Dudek (“Covert Affairs”, “Big Love”) and Amiah Miller (War for the Planet of the Apes, Lights Out) as a family on the edge, House by the Lake will debut nationwide on Cable VOD, Digital HD and DVD on October 10th.

House by the Lake is the latest stint in the director’s chair by veteran genre scribe Adam Gierasch (Night of the Demons, Tales of Halloween, Fractured, Autopsy), with a script by newcomer Josh Burnell. Natasha Bassett (Hail Caesar!) and Michael Bowen (“Lost”, “Breaking Bad”) round out the main cast as the family’s nanny and the unsettling man down the beach, respectively.

Movie Poster for House by the LakeHouse by the Lake Synopsis:

A struggling couple, Scott and Karen, pack up their troubled young daughter and head to a picturesque lake house to reconnect and put their problems behind them. As Emma spends time with her new nanny, the little girl begins fixating on an imaginary friend she calls the Fish Man. Karen’s fear of the strange man down the beach, Emma’s fear of the water and her recurring sleepwalking continue to raise tensions in the house and drive a wedge between Scott and Karen until one night Emma disappears. When she’s found breathing underwater in the tub, Emma insists she’s been with the Fish Man. And he’s coming back for her.

House by the Lake Banner

House by the Lake has me excited. I watched the trailer (which I’ll put below) and immediately emailed Justin Cook PR begging for a screener. This looks like it has the potential to be fantastic. (But what is it with all the little blonde-haired blue eyed girls in horror?!)

What do you guys think? Does this look fun or what?!

Annabelle: Creation Film Review (Horror)

Movie poster for Annabelle Creation

Annabelle: Creation synopsis: Twelve years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker’s possessed creation, Annabelle.

Starring: Anthony LaPagliaSamara LeeMiranda Otto

Release Date: August 11th, 2017 | Runtime: 1 hr 49 minutes | Coolthulhus Earned: 3




Small Sci-Fi and Scary Divider

Annabelle: Creation Review

Annabelle: Creation was significantly better than it’s predecessor. Yet, it still somehow managed to be completely unoriginal and almost completely reliant on jump scares. That doesn’t really seem like it should be possible, but…

Lulu Wilson, who stole the show in Ouija: Origin of Evil, is likely a big part of what makes Annabelle: Creation a decent film. Her role in this movie is a bit different than in Ouija (which I’m glad of). She’s a charismatic little girl, and can communicate quite a bit with just the widening of her big blue eyes. She’s almost completely believable in her role. I hope she avoids being typecast as she grows up, because I’m looking forward to seeing her refine her skills. I have a feeling she’s an actress worth paying attention to. Talitha Bateman’s performance wasn’t as captivating as Wilson’s, but she still did a decent job.

It was directed by David F. Sandberg, who gave us Lights Out in 2016. I didn’t recognize his name going in or I would have had higher expectations. Lights Out wasn’t exactly groundbreaking film-making, but it did give us a very powerful ending and an intense atmosphere. Both of which are absent in Annabelle: Creation. The director of photography was Maxime Alexandre, whose work we’ve seen in Silent Hill: Revelation, The Crazies, and the Hills Have Eyes. And if you’ve seen any of those films and can’t remember anything special about the cinematography in them, you won’t be surprised by the lack of any memorable work in Annabelle: Creation.

One of the things I did like about the movie was the reveal of the couple’s story. It’s sad, but touching, and I definitely empathized with them. It would be very easy to do what they did. I can’t blame them at all, even if it was extremely stupid. And I do like the way they tried to fix things. But, once that type of evil has made itself known, I’m pretty sure you can’t permanently fix it. I should note, though, that yet again there was nothing original here. I guess that means extra kudos to the actors for still making me feel for them. 

Annabelle: Creation ties very neatly to the beginning of the first Annabelle film. Not as well done as Insidious 2 to the first Insidious film, but it works. It also includes a nod to the original Annabelle doll (hint: Looks nothing like the movie Annabelle).

Overall, Annabelle: Creation is forgettable, but not horrible. The most fun I had out of it was the fact that I took a Grade A wimp to watch it with me. It was fun watching her react to the movie. I’d say you should give it a shot, if for nothing else than to finally wash the bad taste of the first one out of your mouth. However, I wouldn’t pay full price to see it in theatres. This is definitely a movie better reserved for Redbox at Halloween.


Indie Films: Interview with Bonejangles’ Keith Melcher (and bonus content!)

Interview banner for Keith Melcher Bonejangles

Bonejangles Synopsis: While transporting the legendary serial killer Bonejangles to an asylum, a group of police officers break down in a town cursed with demonic zombies. The only way they can survive the night and save the town is to release Bonejangles to help them fight the curse, with something much worse.
Studio: Wild Eye Releasing
Director: Brett DeJager
Cast : Reggie Bannister, Elissa Dowling

Interview with Bonejangles’ Keith Melcher


What do you want audiences to get out of the film?

Keith Melcher: I am hoping audiences will appreciate the humor in the film and I especially hope fans of horror films will appreciate the references we peppered throughout the movie. It isn’t a movie to be taken too seriously and if they are expecting a straight up blood and guts horror romp, they might be disappointed. But if they like a heaping helping of goofy comedy with their horror, I’m hoping they can come away with a lot to enjoy in the film.


You’ve worn a few different hats in your projects but where do you think your strengths lie?


Keith Melcher: I would say my strengths lie primarily in the writing aspect of the projects I’ve worked on. I enjoy writing scripts, even if a lot of them don’t ever see the light of day. I enjoy acting as well, but if I had a choice it would to be behind the scenes in some sort of creative capacity. As for producing, Bonejangles was the first feature film I produced and I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing a lot of the time. But thankfully I had a great cast and crew to back me up and make sure everything ran as smoothly as could be.


Was it hard juggling dual roles on Bonejangles?

Keith Melcher: Not especially. It wasn’t that hard for me to jump from writer to producer to actor on the fly when I needed to. The script was pretty much nailed down when we started filming, so not a lot of changes were needed on it while we were shooting. Of course when we first started work on Bonejangles, I had no intention of playing the title character, but when the role was offered to me, I was happy to do so. It still took a little bit of getting used to at first, but after the first few days I think I transitioned smoothly into the part. At least I think I did. Nobody told me otherwise on the set ha ha ha.


Where does Bonejangles rank in order of your favorite projects?

Keith Melcher: This is by far my favorite project that I have been involved with. Of course I’m a little biased since I had probably more involvement creatively in this one than any of the others, but I am incredibly proud of how it turned out. The cast and crew went above and beyond turning my script into a movie that I think can be enjoyed by quite a large audience.


What’s your fave bit from it? Anything you’re especially proud of?

Keith Melcher: There is a flashback scene that was my favorite scene in the script and it came to life 100% how I envisioned it.  It is just as goofy and as over the top as I was hoping it would be. It makes me laugh every time I watch it.


Has the internet, let alone technological advances in filmmaking and all these new platforms, helped your career at all?

Keith Melcher: I would say it has somewhat. I never wanted to join Facebook when it first arrived on the scene and  I did it begrudgingly to help promote a web series I was working on, but it has made it able for me to connect with a wide variety of people in the filmmaking industry, so I can’t knock it that much. I still spend way too much time on it though, but that’s on me. And as for Youtube and various VOD platforms go, I’m all for it. The more ways a person can go about watching movies now without having to rely on theaters or DVD the better as far as I’m concerned.


Where can fans find you online?

Keith Melcher: They can find me on Facebook if they want at

They can also subscribe to the Magic-Time Films YouTube channel  at

It contains some short films and a web series that I’ve worked on in the past. There may be some new content coming to it soon as well.


And where is the VOD/DVD for Bonejangles available?

Keith Melcher:Right now it is available for rental at Redbox Kiosks nationwide and on VOD on Amazon Video, Google Play and Comcast. It should become available on more VOD platforms in the weeks ahead and the DVD will be available for sale sometime in August.

Wanna check out more? The Bonejangles team also has 4 clips available for your viewing pleasure!





They hope Bonejangles tickles your funny bone! (And appeases your inner gorehound.)


**All material provided courtesy of Bonejangles film makers and October Coast Media**



This is Horror, Issue 15: Fyre, Mass Hysteria, and Videodrome

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This is Horror, Issue 15 is a sampling of Horror Movies, Art, Fiction, and Gaming, and more. A little bit of everything to make the horror hound in you feel all fuzzy and warm. Or tingle with anticipation. Whatever works for you.

This is Horror’s Weekly Quote:

“There are things so horrible that even the dark is afraid of them. Most people don’t know this and this is just as well because the world could not really operate if everyone stayed in bed with the blankets over their head, which is what would happen if people knew what horrors lay a shadow’s width away.”
― Terry PratchettEqual Rites

Horror Movies

Horror Movie Suggestion for the Week:

Movie cover for VideodromeVideodrome (1983): Well, Videodrome was really the only logical choice for this after I watched it a few nights ago. This sci-fi horror movie starring James Woods is a complete mind screw that will have you constantly goggling at the screen. Extremely well done and holds up even today (though it’s very obviously a bit dated.)

Videodrome Synopsis: When he acquires a different kind of programming for his station, a sleazy cable-TV programmer begins to see his life and the future of media spin out of control in a terrifying new reality.

Starring:  James WoodsDebbie HarrySonja Smits

Note: I (Lilyn) watched this after it was brought up on the discussion about our Favorite Horror Movies of All Time.





Horror Movies Opening This Week (July 28th):

In Theaters:

Wish Upon


Coming Soon:

The Dark Tower (August 4th)

The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, roams an Old West-like landscape where “the world has moved on” in pursuit of the man in black. Also searching for the fabled Dark Tower, in the hopes that reaching it will preserve his dying world.

Annabelle: Creation (August 11th):

Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker’s possessed creation, Annabelle.


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Horrorific Trivia

Last week I gave you a list of my favorite Lovecraft readings on YouTube. There are, however, many other public domain readings online that deserve a bit of love. So, here are a few others that I enjoy listening to on occasion*.

The Upper BerthF. Marion CrawfordReader Unknown: I’m not sure if the YouTuber’s channel uploader is the readeror not. I have asked but received no response. Either way, it is one of the better readings that I have come across of this creepy, ghostly tale of horror at sea.

The Great God PanArthur Machen Read by Free Audiobooks for Intellectual Exercise: Sorry I couldn’t give you a name to go by but that is the name of the channel it is on. I don’t think I really need to give many details on Arthur Machen as his name is fairly well-known in the horror world. This is my favorite reading of this story. A few others’ voices just didn’t click with me. I found this oddly soothing to go to sleep to.

The Lame PriestSusan CarletonRead by Alan Barr: I have to warn you a bit. The book might not be as politically correct as one could wish but I will say that it is far more so than others of the time it was written. It’s mostly in the “Indian” speak area but, again, is not half as bad as others. Please don’t let it discourage you from listening to this story because it is a great, creepy story and the reader, for their part, does not over-exaggerate the speaking roles. It’s a bit more clumsy than others but it fits the story very well.

Mrs. AmworthE.F. BensonRead by Emma Topping: This comes up as Emma Topping Topic so I’m not really sue if the reader is actually named Emma Topping. However, she has a great reading voice. I don’t usually like when men read for women and vice versa because there are few that can do it well. It can also get confusing if the story is told in first person. Her voice is perfect for the more ironic and sardonic writers of nineteenth century horror literature.

The Judge’s HouseBram StokerRead by William Coon: Bram Stoker’s shorter stories usually get a bit overlooked. The Judge’s House is my favorite among these and this is a very good reading presented by LibriVox. LibriVox works on a volunteer basis for it’s readers so sometimes the quality can vary a bit.

*I would like to point out that I am in no way affiliated with these particular YouTube Channels. I receive no compensation for listing them here.

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Horror Books

New Horror Releases (July 14th – July 28th)

Book cover for Fyre

Fyre – Sean Schubert – July 18th, 2017

Civilization has been scorched to cinders in a torrent of flame that washed over the earth, destroying everything in its path. Many of the world’s inhabitants have been driven to the brink of extinction. The ancient, evil sisters responsible for the destruction are bound and determined to end humanity for good. They hunt the earth for the last remnants of life, eager to finish the job.

The last hope for mankind lies with a group of teenaged survivors living in the vast wasteland of Alaska. Against great powers beyond their understanding, they must learn to trust a blind boy and a mysterious mute stranger to guide them in the final battle that will determine the fate of all humanity.

Book cover for Kind Nepenthe

Kind Nepenthe – Matthew V. Brockmeyer – July 27th, 2017

Rebecca thought she’d find a hippie paradise when she moved to the desolate back hills of Humboldt County. A place to commune with nature and teach her five-year-old daughter how to live off the land. Instead she discovered a nightmare.

Coyote is a washed-up pot grower. Strung out on pills and dealing with dropping prices and looming legalization, he wonders if it’s even worth it anymore.

Diesel Dan abandoned his son for a life of methamphetamine and prison. Now he wants to make amends. He’s going to be a grandfather. But his son is on the same dark road of drugs and violence that once consumed him.

These characters will come together in an explosive ending that will leave you stunned and breathless. But more than just a gripping horror novel, Kind Nepenthe is a deep examination into the nature of love and greed, lost ideals, and the essence of evil in one of the last frontiers of the American West.

Book cover for Behold

Behold!: Oddities, Curiosities, & Undefinable Wonders – Edited by Doug Murano – July 28th, 2017

Want to see something weird? Embrace the odd. Satisfy your curiosity. Surrender to wonder.

From Crystal Lake Publishing and the Bram Stoker Award-nominated co-editor of the smash hit Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories comes Behold! Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders.

Sixteen stories and two poems take you into the spaces between the ordinary—and the imaginations of some of today’s masters of dark and thrilling fiction.

A travel writer learns the terrible secrets at a hotel that’s not at all as it seems. A disfigured woman and her daughter explore methods of weaponizing beauty. An amateur beekeeper acquires an object that shows her the true 
danger of the hive-mind.
 Drifters ride the rails seeking something wondrous that could change their fates forever. A strange creature that holds our very existence in its hands shapes the lives of two lovers to touching and devastating effect. A young man helps his grandfather—and something much more monstrous—atone for bargains made during wartime. And much, much more…

Featuring Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Morton, Brian Kirk, Hal Bodner, Stephanie M. Wytovich, John Langan, Erinn L. Kemper, John F.D. Taff, Patrick Freivald, Lucy A. Snyder, Brian Hodge, Kristi DeMeester, Christopher Coake, Sarah Read and Richard Thomas. Foreword by Josh Malerman. Illustrations by Luke Spooner. Cover art by John Coulthart. Brought to you by Bram Stoker Award-nominated editor Doug Murano and Crystal Lake Publishing. Tales from the Darkest Depths.

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Book cover for Ghosts of Manor House Book cover for The Truants Book cover for Mass Hysteria

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