“Look. Puppies!”

Hugging Puppies!

Found on: heartsnmagic.tumblr.com

Cutely howlin’ puppies!

Found on: Yoursummerdreamz.tumblr.com

High-fivin’ puppies

Found on: petblog.pro3xpert.com

and finally…sleeeeeeeeppy puppies

Found on: gifsboom.net

None of these are mine, though. Credited where I found them. I’m just passing on the cuteness!

Cutest/Funniest Animal Gifs of the Week: (1/17)

Found on: just-a-cheeky-girl.tumblr.com
Found on: thecutecorner.com
found on: its-happyhappy.tumblr.com

^^ This one is how I feel when I’m standing in lines with Miss L, and she just starts doing circles around me.

Cutest/Funniest Animal Gifs of the Week (1/9)

Found on: catunited.tumblr.com
Found on: thepositivecattitude.tumblr.com
Found on: heartsnmagic.tumblr.com

Disclaimer: None are mine. All were found. Credited the site I found them on.

The Cutest Animal Gifs Around (this week, at least.)

I created none of these. I just found, and shared.

Found on: telleranimals.tumblr.com
Found on: Chipsdontlie.tumblr.com
Found on: davidesky.tumblr.com