Reblogged – Banned Books Week – What, Who and Why?

Banned Books Week is coming to a close, and I know I’ve re-blogged y’all to death, but… well, its not over yet!

Another excellent post about Banned Books. Go read!

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Reblogged: Banned Books Week Giveaway

Lookit what I found! Another Giveaway. This time for a banned book.

She’s a great blogger, and its a chance to get a free book, so click on the pic to go check it out!!

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Reblogged: Truth Seeking in Banned Books

This is a very well-written article presented from someone with strong religious views. As I tend to think of ‘book banners’ hand in hand with ‘strong religious views’, I was very surprised (and happy!) to see this blog post today.

Go check it out! She gets you thinking, and asks the right questions!

(click the pic to be taken to the original post.)

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Reblogged – A Book Review: 1984

1984, like Fahrenheit 451, is one of those books where, upon learning about it being banned, you end up tilting your head to one side and saying “Whaaaa??? Well, that’s just stupid.”

I chose to share this blogger’s review because, like myself, they were not a ‘fan’ of the book, and, like myself, they recognized it was still/ IS STILL very important.

Click on the pic to see the review.

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Reblogged: The Absolutely True Story of Banned Books by Aaron Burkhalter

Found this while browsing for material to share with you during this Banned Books Week.

In the article, Burkhalter discusses what books are banned most, and why they are banned.

One quote, in particular, from Chris Finan, director of the American Booksellers for Free Expression, really hit home to me. It was

“There’s no question that minority authors tend to get hit more often because they are raising issues that people don’t want to deal with,”

Imagine that “raising issues that people don’t want to deal with”. As I stated before in a previous article, at one point Anne Frank was challenged/banned because it was “too depressing”. If that doesn’t perfectly illustrate the point, I don’t know what does.

Anyways, click here to be directed to the original article.

Banned Books Week: September 27 – October 3, 2015

As usual, someone else said it better than I did! Banned books week IS important, and you will hear it from probably every single book blogger on WordPress this week.

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