T5W: They’re Just Wrong.



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Top 5 Worst Love Interests


Edward Cullen – Putting aside the fact that I think he’s almost disgusting looking… He’s a couple hundred years old, and instead of using his time to do good for humanity (or even vampires) he….pretends to be a high schooler, and obsesses over girls that, age wise, are children to him. Can you say PEDOPHILE?! Also, yeah, he’s a freaking stalker. Repugnant.



Christian Grey – Ladies, gents, listen, if he wasn’t rich, you wouldn’t be looking sideways at him. In any other language BUT rich, Christian Grey is a domestic abuser. He’s not sexy. He’s a messed up rich kid who needs tons and TONS of therapy. Mind you, I have absolutely no problem with BDSM, but what’s portrayed in the 50 Shades book? Christian Grey is not a top. He does not dominate. HE. ABUSES. If you want realistic depictions of BDSM, I can point you in the right directions. This dude doesn’t need a girlfriend. He needs psychiatric help.



Queen Irina from The Shadow Queen – This chick is not only evil, but she’s freaking craaaaazy. Yet, inexplicably, she does have someone that loves her. No. NO! We don’t love the crazy women. We stay AWAY from the crazy women. Even if you feel sympathy for her. She WILL twine you up in an apple tree and make you vomit rot-filled apples! Then make your significant other kill you!



Odd is a sweetie (at least he was up to the last book in the series that I read), but good god he’s a horrible love interest! ‘Cause, y’know, 1. He sees dead people 2. Not only does he see dead people, but they tend to hang around with him. 3. He’s quite happy being a fry cook.  I don’t really think I need to go into detail here, do I? But the tl;dr : He’s always going to be talking to dead people and smelling like bacon. *shudders*




Okay, so that wasn’t quite five, but… I tried!

What about you? Who was on YOUR list?

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