Sunday Punday has been interrupted to bring you…


Sorry, but they’re cute, and its my blog, so………

Isn’t this kind of disturbing?

Found on:



What the hell is going in this one below??

Found on:



17 thoughts on “Sunday Punday has been interrupted to bring you…

  1. Um… o.O I’m so confused about the top one… It’s like… a schnauzer inside of a teddy bear? You can kind of see the dog behind it, but still. Creepy.

    And the second one is definitely: ‘HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE!’ :p (Sorry, I spend too much time in the HP fandom. >.>)

                    1. Received! Thank you very much! ^.^
                      I’m just gonna make some minor tweaks (this year -> last year since it’ll be posted in January). And did you want your profile picture posted with it? Or no? I will also add a link back to your site so people can find you, obviously. ^.^

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