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Title: Small Horrors – A Collection of Fifty Creepy Stories | Author: Darcy Coates | Publisher: Black Owl Books | Pub. Date: 12/04/2016 | Pages: 364 | ASIN: B01NCHSY92 | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 3 out of 5 |Source: Self-Published

Small Horrors: A Collection of Fifty Creepy Stories

Something mimics human voices as it lures you into the woods.

One of the morgue’s corpses is missing.

Your friend wants to meet late at night, but they’re not acting like themselves.

Immerse yourself in the macabre, the gothic, and the chilling with this collection of fifty short stories.

Small Horrors : A Collection of Fifty Creepy Stories

Small Horrors by Darcy Coates is a pretty good mix of stories. They weren’t all to my taste but there was a really good variety to them. I didn’t feel as though I were reading the same story over and over which can be a problem with collections occasionally. There were a few too many “just as the such and such did this” type of endings but other than that it’s a pretty solid collection. 

In Small Horrors you’ll meet ghosts (vengeful and otherwise), creatures that stalk the woods and much more. I can’t say it really blew me away or anything but the bite-sized tales were enjoyable enough. Usually with an anthology or collection like Small Horrors I like to go story by story but there are just too many to do that here. The stories themselves are also fairly short so there’s not much detail to go into that thoroughly.

5 Star: Magpie Girl, Red Oak House, Radio, Wax Museum, Growth

4 Star: Knocker, The Sightless, Surf, Hazard Lights, The Monster and the Moors, Room for Rent, The Woman in the Morgue, House for Sale, Skin House, Beanie’s Fast Food

3 Star: The Dog’s Gravedigger, Sixth Floor, Great Aunt Enid, Red Morning, Ghost Town, The Resident, Snowbound, Overheard, Snow Hunting, Witch’s Book, Doll, Underhouse, Toxic, Diagen, Bunker, Abandoned, Death Follows, After Closing, Quarantine, The Cleaners, In the Space Above the Wardrobe

2 Star: Footsteps in the Night, Those Who Live in the Woods, Music Box, Host, Undeparted, Left Behind, The Last Bus, Bogrot, 99 Messages, Experimental

1 Star: Flotsam

An Empty Church started out really good but then kind of fizzled out a bit at the end. The description of the church was creepy and the atmosphere was great but I think it was one that could have used just a page or two to tie it all up.  Angel of Mercy seemed very implausible. I could tell where it was going, I just wasn’t sure how the author would get there. And the direction it took fell flat. Tune could have been a much better story as well if a few more pages had been given to it. Instead it ended abruptly and was a bit unsatisfying.

All in all, for the price, Small Horrors is a very enjoyable read with some stories that really stood out to me. There were a few that could have been great if given a bit more attention. A few were interesting but predictable. Some of them had some very good twists to them that I did not see coming at all.

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