Short Story Shoutout: Trifecta by Atrishna Agathon

There’s a short story serialist I follow on wordpress who goes by Atrishna Agathon. I won’t lie and say I’m a fan of everything he writes, but more often than not his stuff is good. Some of it is even darned good.

(If you’re a spelling/grammar Nazi, you will get a bit twitchy reading his work. Try to overlook it though.)

Such is the case with Trifecta.

The first episode drew me in almost immediately, and was a pleasure to read. Its sort of a glitch in the matrix / the ultimate introvert’s mind. I had no clue where it would go from here.

The second episode went straight from interesting study to beginning reports of the zombie apocalypse/ 28 days later, but not really and the main character’s apparently narrow escape.

The third episode details a bit more about the Trifecta, the warning signs, etc. It gives you just enough information to keep you interested. Its not quite 28 days later. I mean, people DO recover, and the uninfected keep track Honestly, I hope the author stops right here, because I like what’s in my imagination. I don’t want to find out anything different!

So, anyways, please head over to and check out the Trifecta story. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.