Z-Minus 1 Review (Post-Apocalyptic Horror)

Z-MinusZ-Minus 1 Synopsis: Once bitten, the virus spreads throughout the human body. It shuts down organs, kills nerve impulses and even reprograms the way we think. The virus becomes us.

But the process takes eight hours.

If you only had eight hours left to live, what would you do?

For Chris Smith, that decision has already been made. He’s infected, and returns home to find the rest of his family undead or missing, save his youngest daughter Maisie. He’s never been much of a father, but can he make up for it now in the final few hours of his life and find somewhere safe for her to survive? -Goodreads 


Z-Minus Review

This book had a great synopsis and an awesome cover, so the fact that it was staggeringly bad was even more disappointing! Z-Minus by Perrin Briar was another case where I assumed that maybe I had missed something in the blurb and/or genre listing, and it was satire and that’s why it read so cliche and horrible. I even had a friend double-check me to make sure I hadn’t missed it somewhere. Uhm, nope. Sometimes a bad book has no excuse. Its just a bad book. I have no clue how this book has even a three star rating on Goodreads, let alone a 4 star rating on Amazon.2 Star Rated Z-Minus Review

The following will contain a MILD spoiler, but trust me, nothing could ruin this book for you. It manages that on its own.

The father is a perpetually drunk, wife-and-kid beating prick before the apocalypse. After the smelly brown stuff hits the fan and he thinks he only has 8 hours to live? Does he willingly to save his child and get her to safety? No. He throws rocks at her to try to get her to leave him alone. Its only because she’s stubborn and Matilda-esque in her brilliance so she convinces him to help her.  Side note: The 8 year old does not speak like an 8 year old! Now, I have a 6 year old that speaks like she’s a good bit older than she is, so I’m willing to give some leeway here, but…not that much.

You know, in a book about zombies, I’m willing to suspend my belief in reality quite a bit (you kind of have to be, yeah?), but some of the crap that happens in this book just had me rolling my eyes in disgust. So many of the things that happen are so ham-fistedly written that they had me actually snorting in amusement. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, except for apparently this book isn’t meant to be funny!

Pretty much the only things good about this book are the bare-bones premise of “What would you do if you only had 8 hours to live in the end of the world?” and that the author has a bit of talent for description, if not a believable story. The only reason I’m giving it a 2 instead of a 1 is because I was able to stay entertained (albeit for the wrong reasons) long enough to read in it one sitting.

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Title: Z-Minus | Series: Z-Minus (Bk 1) | Author: Perrin Briar (site)| Publisher: Self-published | Pub. Date: 2014-12-10 | Pages: 151 | ASIN: B00QVHRMQG | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 2 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-1-8 | Source: Kindle Free Promo | Kindle Unlimited Available? No.

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