A Review of Twice Dead by George Magnum

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Within forty eight hours, it had become a global pandemic. There was no explanation. The dead were rising, returning to life, and devouring the living. Commander Peterson, leader of the most elite fighting unit in the U.S. armed forces, was assigned one, last final mission.

In his worst nightmares he never could have imagined this apocalypse, or that he and his team were to become the one last hope that remained….-Goodreads Synopsis

My Review of Twice Dead by George Magnum

As bookworms, I think we can all admit we have that one genre that we’re a little protective of. More  inclined to be happy that we read a book that had something we loved in it than to be critical about little things like how believable it is and if it contains any original material. That’s how I am with zombie novels. I can acknowledge material is endlessly recycled and characters are generally cardboard cutouts and the level of realness is, uh, sometimes significantly lower than it should be… and I just don’t care. So, there’s my disclaimer for the following review. Some girls like candy and roses. I like dark chocolate and zombie novels.

Twice Dead has been done before (and better, I must admit) in the Arisen series by Michael Stephen Fuchs and Glynn James, and I’m sure in lots of other novels. Zombies + TEOTWAWKI + Crack Team of Military Kick-Asses = postapocalyptic zombie novel. Its a deliciously cliche pleasure that put me right in my happy zone.  (Obligatory spoiler warning for the formula if not the book itself.)

Magnum tosses the reader straight into the action, when within pages of the beginning, he witnesses a little girl eating her lunch. That the lunch happens to be her mother’s face lets you know that things are already going south.  From there it’s narrowly diverted disaster after disaster. Good guys lost to crap that shouldn’t have happened. Macho men soldiering on even though death is coursing through their system. Love and redemption and lots and lots of gore and shoot-em-up scenarios involving a small number of men against large horde of zombies and somehow miraculously winning.  But not really winning, because, you know, they lost (insert team member name here), who was a good dude/girl and didn’t deserve that (probably massively heroic) death.

Its formulaic, but if the formula works (hello – Young Adult + Fantasy Setting or Dystopian Setting + Love Triangle!) why mess with it? Magnum does his job, and does it well. I read this on a night when I was down for the count from a sinus infection, determined not to read anything, and just wanted to veg out on educational T.V. shows. Instead I found myself finishing the book at few minutes to midnight, and sighing with pleasure.

At 148 pages, this was a quick, easy read that practically insisted that you not think, just relax and enjoy the show book. Good work from George Magnum!

3 Star Rated Review of Twice Dead by George Magnum

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Title: Twice Dead | Series: The Zombie Crisis | Author: George Magnum | Publisher: Self-published | Pub. Date: 2014-12-19 | Pages: 148 | ASIN: B00R9UTWGM | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: Pregnant (zombie) lady get shot in stomach, small child on road dead from car accident | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-1-7 | Source: Kindle Promo | Kindle Unlimited: No.

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