The Haunting of Gillespie House Review

The Haunting of Gillespie House Review

Elle can’t believe her luck; she’s spending a month house-sitting the beautiful Gillespie property. Hidden near the edge of the woods and an hour’s drive from the nearest town, its dark rooms and rich furniture entice her to explore its secrets. There’s even a graveyard hidden behind the house, filled with tombstones that bear an identical year of death.

If only the scratching in the walls would be quiet…

The house’s dark and deadly history quickly becomes tangled with Elle’s life. At the centre of it is Jonathan Gillespie, the tyrannical cult leader and original owner of the house. As Elle soon learns – just because he’s dead, doesn’t mean he’s gone.-Goodreads Synopsis


The Haunting of Gillespie House Review

Unfortunately, The Haunting of Gillespie House was only mildly creepy. With a name like this, which conjures up such delicious ideas, I was expecting a lot more than I got. Its one of those cases where the setting, plot, and characters are perfect, but still somehow manages to fall almost completely flat in the tension and spook factors. It could have been so much better than it was, but the atmosphere just wasn’t there.

I honestly don’t have much more I can say about it. Its just sort of ‘meh’. However, for a younger age-group (early teens, perhaps?), it may be suitably spooky.

I will be trying out the author’s other works though. I like her ideas, so maybe my first experience with her writing was just one of her more lackluster works. We shall see.

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Title: The Haunting of Gillespie House | Author: Darcy Coates (site) | Publisher: Candlebreak (site) | Publication Date: 2015-8-15 | Pages: 170 | ASIN: B010XQ4AVU | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Triggers: Child Death (not seen) | Date Read: 2015-11-5 | Source: Kindle Unlimited

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