Straitjacket Review (Horror Short)

Book Cover for Straitjacket by Terry KingStraitjacket: Detective Todd Richards is assigned to investigate the mysterious death of Father O’Malley, a priest who committed suicide in an abandoned convent. A routine investigation takes a turn for the strange, however, as Richards finds out that the convent is rumored to be “demon possessed” and a mysterious nun appears whenever the detective comes into the decrepit old building. Richards is a skeptic of the supernatural and denies all of the strange goings on in the convent but he soon realizes that the devil is not mocked in his horror thriller.Goodreads Synopsis

Straitjacket Review

Straitjacket was a great quick read that is not at all well-serviced by the ridiculous cover.   Terry King, in a mere 30 pages, spins a tale of possession, madness, and grief that others would take hundreds of pages to tell. There was one particular line in it that stopped me in my tracks and made me think about it for a second.

“The thing is, when you say haunted house you think ghosts and goblins and things that go boo in the night. But there are certain places that you go, certain places that trigger memories inside you that are better left in the past. That’s what makes the place haunted.” – Terry King,Straitjacket

People definitely need to give this story a chance. This is a solid horror short story and the only thing stopping me from giving it a top rating is that the main character seems a bit over-the-top/forced into being too much of a ‘wrong cop’.

Four Star Rated Review of Straitjacket by Terry King

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Title: Straitjacket | Author: Terry King | Publisher: Self-published | Pub. Date: 2015-12-8 | Pages: 30 | ASIN: B01949TQ0M | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: Child death due to drunk driving, suicide | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-1-12 | Source: Kindle Unlimited

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