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Title: Seeing Evil | Author: Jason Parent (site) | Publisher: Red Adept Publishing | Publication Date: 2015-8-4| Pages: 234 | ISBN: 1940215498 | Genre: Thriller | Language: English | Triggers: Torture | Date Read:2015-8-22| Source: Received a copy free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Seeing Evil

A school-hazing incident triggers preternatural prophetic abilities in Michael, a teenager foster-kid with one real friend. Suddenly Michael is a real-life mutant like from one of his favorite comic books. Unfortunately, his super power is seeing the violent ways in which people he touches are going to die. It doesn’t take long for Michael to discover the dark secrets Tessa, one of his fellow invisibles at school, is hiding, and soon Michael is over his head. Luckily, his one friend – Detective Sam Reilly – believes in her young friend, and is willing to do anything she can to help keep people safe. Unfortunately, sometimes all the prophetic knowledge in the world is just not enough.

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Seeing Evil Review

Within the first few pages, Seeing Evil hooked me. It is a solid, strong story that is easy to follow, and so well-written I actually felt myself tensing up at some of the more dramatic parts. Aside from the obviously preternatural element, nothing about the story was something that I couldn’t – in this day and age – believe wouldn’t happen. It was chilling in the fact that it was so realistic. Even when reading into the antagonist’s thoughts, his reactions were not unbelievable. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to fly into a rage at the sound of someone open-mouth smacking their gum??

One of the things that impresses me most is the way Mr. Parent writes teenagers. For pretty much the first time I can remember when reading a book involving teenagers, I didn’t find myself doing a mental eye-roll at too mature (or too immature) attitudes of the teens. Instead while Michael was thrust into one crappy situation after another, I stayed immersed in the story because the teen’s reactions to his situations were so believable and appropriate. There were only two instances – both near the end of the book – where this wavered a bit, but upon further thought, the maturity demonstrated at that point was understandable.

While not a story that I found myself raving about – such as Bird Box or The Martian I would definitely recommend Seeing Evil to anyone looking for a good thriller to while away a few hours, and at under 250 pages, it is a fairly quick read.

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