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Science Fiction and Horror Publishers

This is a list of of small-press publishers (including micro-presses) that release work in the science fiction and horror genres. Speculative and fantasy are listed as bonuses if the publisher also mentioned that they released work in those genres as well.

This is not a comprehensive list. I do not list publishers that release only new editions of old work.

I’m also sure there’s someone I’ve forgotten. So feel free to chime in below with your input.

It is up to you to follow through and find out if these publishers are accepting unsolicted works. 

Updated Jan 4, 2019

Publishing HouseHorrorSci-FiSpec FicFantasyBizarro/WeirdSpecifications
Alien Agenda Publishingx
Aqueduct Pressxxfeminist viewpoint only
Aphotic RealmXXX
Black Shuck BooksxBritish Only
Bloodshot Booksxx
Blood Bound Booksxxx
Broken Eye Booksxxxxx
California Coldblood Booksxxx
Cemetery Dancex
Chimaera PublicationsxAustralia Only
ChiZine Publicationsxxx
Clash Booksxx
Crystal Lake Publishingx
Dark Helix PressxxxxDiversity focused
Darkwater Syndicatexxx
Dim ShoresxGeneral "Dark" fiction
Dog Star Booksxx
Double Dragon Publishingxx
Dragonmoon Pressxx
Earthling Publicationsxx
Elder Signs Pressxxx
Engen BooksxxxxxPrefers Canadian authors
Eraserhead Pressx
Flame Tree Pressxxx
Fox Spiritxx
Genius Book Publishingx
Grey Matter Pressx
Grimbold Booksxxx
Grim Oak Pressxx
Grindhouse Pressxx
Hersham Horrorx
Hydra Publicationsxxx
J. Ellington Ashton Pressxxx
King Shot Pressxx
Lethe PressxLGBTQ+ focus
Lightspeed Magazinexx
Luna Press Publishingxx
Nightscape Pressxx
Nightlark Publishingxx
Nightmare Magazinex
Nightshade Booksxxx
Pandamoon Publishingxx
Permuted Pressxx
Perpetual Motion Machinexx
Prime Booksxx
PS PublishingxxxUK only
Pyr SFxx
Raw Dog Screamingxx
ReAnimus Pressx
Rooster Republicx
Sands Pressxxx
Scary Dairy Press xx
Severed Pressxx
Sinister Grin Pressxxxx
Skyhorse PublishingxxxImprints; Nightshade, Talos
Small Beer Pressxx
Smart Rhino Publicationsx
SSST Publicationsx
Tachyon Publicationsxxx
Ticonderoga PublicationsxxxAustralia only
Undertow Booksx
Vesuvian Booksxxx
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