Science Fiction and Horror Publishers

This is a list of publishers, both independent/small press and traditional, that release work in the science fiction and horror genres. Speculative and fantasy are listed as bonuses if the publisher also mentioned that they released work in those genres as well.

This is not a comprehensive list. I do not list publishers that release only new editions of old work.

I’m also sure there’s someone I’ve forgotten. So feel free to chime in below with your input.

I thought about adding links to the various sites, but decided not to do that at this time. If you google the name, you’ll get to the site.

Publishing HouseImprint (if applicable)HorrorScience FictionSpec. FictionFantasySpecifications
PenguinAce Booksxx
ReAnimus PressAdvent: Publishersx
Aquaduct Pressn/axxfeminist
Arkham Housen/axxx
Baen Housen/axx
Random HouseBallantinexx
Random HouseBantam - Spectraxxx
Random HouseDel Reyxx
Random HouseHydraxxxe-book only
Chimaera Publicationsxaustralia only
Double Dragon Publishingn/axx
Dragonmoon Publishingn/axx
ElderSigns Pressxxx
HarperCollinsHarper Voyagerxx
Flame Tree PublishingFlame Tree 451xxx
NightShade Booksn/axxx
Hachette BooksOrbitxx
Hachette BooksGollacnzx
Prime Booksn/axx
PS Publishingn/axxxUK only
Prometheus BooksPyr SFxx
Wildside Pressxxx
Ragnarok Publishingn/axx
MacMillanSt. Martin's Griffinx
MacMillanTor - Forgexx
MacMillanTor - Starscapexx
MacMillanTor - Teenxx
Small Beer Publishingn/axx
Tachyon Publishingn/axxx
Tichonderoga Publicationsn/axxshort stories
Amberjack Publishingn/axxx
Genius Book Publishingn/ax
PandaMoon Publishingn/axx
Phase5 Publisingn/axxx
Sands Pressxxx
Blood Bound Booksxxx
Cemetary Dancen/axx
Crystal Lake Publishingn/ax
Dark Regions Pressx
Permuted Pressn/axx
Sinister Grin Pressn/ax

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