Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide #BookReview

Title: Red vs. Blue – The Ultimate Fan Guide | Author: Rooster Teeth (Eddie Rivas and Burnie Burns) | Publisher: Dey Street Books | Pub. Date: 11/17/2015 | Pages: 240 | ISBN13: 9780062355782 | Genre: Sci-Fi Anime | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Self-Purchased

Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide

In Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide, the series creators at Rooster Teeth bring together more than a decade’s worth of ephemera and behind-the-scenes information. Inside you’ll find:

– Character dossiers
– Character-driven lists, including “The Wisdom of Caboose”
– Charts and statistics mapping out character, world, and episode trivia, such as how many times Simmons has sucked up to Sarge over the course of the series
– The best Red vs. Blue quotes ever of all time
– Alternate stories and unexplored character arcs
– Spotlights on the Red vs. Blue cast and crew, who share unique anecdotes, behind-the-scenes stories, and insights into the award-winning series
– Shooting scripts, including cut lines, deleted scenes, and trivia
– More than 200 full-color images       (It helps when there are pictures – Caboose)
– And more

Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide Review

The thing I love the most about Red vs. Blue is that you don’t need to be a Halo fan to enjoy it. I am a gamer but I’ve never really played Halo. I found out about Red vs. Blue the old-fashioned way: My nephew watched it, showed my son and after my son tied me to a chair and made me watch season 9, I was hooked. Now we have them all and we’re eagerly awaiting season 15.

Red vs. Blue started back in 2003. In the Dark Ages before YouTube made uploading easy and viral videos spawned overnight. So when they started Red vs. Blue they had to create their own servers and went viral the old-fashioned way, by word-of-mouth. Television shows and series in general seem to follow a pattern. The show will start out with complex and varied characters. If the show goes on long enough those characters devolve into one-note characters whose entire personalities are defined by one quirk.

Red vs. Blue defied this trend by starting out with goofy characters that could easily have stayed stuck in their one-trait ruts. Rooster Teeth evolved their characters and story lines to create a complex and rich universe.

They went from four guys in a room (bow chicka bow wow) to holding their own conventions (RTX) and expanding their body of work to include another hit show, RWBY. Red vs. Blue also holds the honor of being the longest running American Sci-Fi series.

Another thing I find interesting is that Halo and Red vs. Blue co-exist peacefully together. There have been no lawsuits over Rooster Teeth using Halo’s property. In fact, there are some Red vs. Blue easter eggs hidden in some of the Halo games.

You’re not here to hear me ramble about Red vs. Blue the series (which I could happily do all day), you’re here to read a review of the Red vs. Blue Fan Guide.

I could have wished for a bit more in-depth bios on the characters. especially the Freelancers. However, the Freelancers are somewhat of a mystery and I don’t think that writers Burnie Burns (creator of Red vs. Blue) and Eddy Rivas wanted to take that away from the Freelancers.

The rest of it is great. I love the asides from Delta, sometimes humorous and sometimes actual info on how they created particular scenes. Now knowing how they do some of them it impresses me that much more that they were able to do a new Red vs. Blue episode every week. I can also see why the weekly Red vs. Blue episodes are on the short side. I would recommend watching them as an entire season, the flow is much more smooth.

The character chart is hilarious and so are the character focused tidbits at the back. Such as Simmons’ text based video game: The Maroon Hero and Tucker’s debriefing after the events at the dig site.

The notes from the Chorus rebels are interesting and a little sad. I would have liked a segment from the Federation side as well, though. I also wouldn’t have minded a bit more on Felix and Locus but since they were writing the book while doing season 13 I can see why they would want to keep them more of a mystery.

The timeline is actually quite helpful since Red vs. Blue can be a little ‘loopy’ in their chronology.

For fans of Red vs. Blue it’s certainly worth a look. I would recommend getting the physical book. Not only is it a nice-looking book but it might be easier to read. I read it on the Kindle and I had to hold it side-ways to read it, which was a bit uncomfortable. The lettering is rather small on the e-book, even with the ‘tap to-enlarge feature.

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9 thoughts on “Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide #BookReview

  1. Still love RvB (can’t wait to start season 15), but I can’t bring myself to buy this book. Saw it a few weeks ago in a bookstore and skimmed it.. just didn’t do it for me. I’d rather have had a book about RT’s history with neat little facts about the creators that aren’t already known.

    1. Yeah, I liked it but it was kind of light on that. Maybe because they do the live streams, Podcasts and Animated Adventures.

      I’m really hoping that now that Halo 5 is out they’ll start working on season 15

      1. Season 15 actually dropped yesterday for First members. Not sure, but I think it may be released to the public today.

      2. Scratch that, I guess non-First members have to wait a week now, so I guess it’ll probably be up on YouTube on Sunday.

        1. Thank you! I’ll probably wait for the whole thing to come out though. I like watching it as one whole program rather than chopped up into smaller. That is one thing I love about Rooster Teeth though. By now they could charge quite a bit for their episodes but they still put them out free on YouTube and their DVD’s are much cheaper when you buy the sets than any other show I know of.

    1. That’s how I got introduced to it too, lol. They are actually pretty reasonably priced on Amazon, even the newer seasons. It’s so much easier to watch them like that.

      I have to give credit to a show that starts with one-dimensional (but hilarious) characters and actually have them evolve.

      And, of course, their female characters are the real butt-kickers of the show.

  2. There are 15 seasons?? ***********

    I haven’t seen it since S2. I feel old. I am still mourning Sheila. Now I need to dig out my Tex tank.

    1. Lol, yeah. season 13 ends on such a cliffhanger, too, I want season 15! They do have a season 14 out but it’s more little tales in one season with different animators.

      You should really try the other ones. Season 3 drags a tad but still has some funny parts. Around season 6 the Freelancer story (and the RvB story in general) becomes more coherent, but just as funny.

      And Sheila returns with a love triangle, lol. And that’s all I’m saying! 🙂

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