Who You Work For Review (Suspense Thriller)

Who You Work For

Who You Work For Synopsis: Reclusive assassin Thomas Moore dreams of joining his love,Dearest, in his private world he calls “Detour.” Moore’s father, Partner, has left him for the past year which Moore believes is his toughest lesson on growing up to being a man. All seems in place when Moore is confronted by his boss who he has never met who offers him a deal to get three times his usual money to kill a small-town mayor. Moore has only killed men guilty of murder and while his boss tells him this man is guilty, he cannot be sure. He will have to choose between grabbing the life he wants and sparing the life of a good man. Suspenseful, darkly humorous with a deep look at a man who sees this world as a technological hell, Who You Work For will have you rooting for a man who could only be wrong in a world where all is lost. – Goodreads


Who You Work For Review

This book was a next to impossible read for me. It took multiple tries, and sheer determination for me to be able to finish reading it. I felt like I had to be at fault. Maybe I just wasn’t attempting to read it under the right circumstances or some such. Unfortunately, no matter when or how I set myself to read it, I still couldn’t enjoy the book on any level. The main character – Thomas – is a technophobe with a personality (and possible mental illness) that is off-putting. That made him very, very difficult to connect with on any level The other characters in the book are either unlikable or written in such a way that I still just could not care for any of them. Now, I’ve read books with characters I didn’t care for before and enjoyed them, but that was generally because the quality of the writing carried the story. That is not the case in Who You Work For.2 Star Rated Who You Work For Review

The writing needs work. On one page – consisting of them leaving the porch, getting in the car, and moving a ridiculously short distance – two characters’ names are mentioned 7 times a piece. There’s no need for that, at all, and it makes the writing feel overly simple and completely dry and un-engaging. On another page, in one sentence the woman (who is asleep) has a ‘focused’ look on her face. Two sentences later, the author refers to it as a ‘careless’ look. Those two don’t generally go hand in hand. The author says the same thing multiple ways, spelling things out like the reader can’t be trusted to understand certain phrases. This is consistently done throughout the book, and makes reading it akin to pulling teeth at times. There’s also the tell-all letter writing prop and other issues that drag the story down.

While I sincerely admire anyone who has the guts to put their work out there for the world to see, I simply can’t recommend this book.

Still, I’m one person, and Circe knows I’m picky, so don’t let my opinion entirely dissuade you from checking out Who You Work For on Amazon today.

Title: Who You Work For | Series: Thomas Moore #1 | Author: Anthony David Mitchell | Publisher: Self-published | Pub. Date: 2016-1-27 | Pages: 321 | ASIN: B01B5FBURU | Genre: Thriller | Language: English | Triggers: None | Date Read: 2016-5-18 | Source: Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.


9 thoughts on “Who You Work For Review (Suspense Thriller)

  1. I hope this one posts.The synopsis of this book sounded really promising.I thought it would be a nice thriller but doesn’t sound like it and the writing(based on the examples you gave)doesn’t sound good.Nice review but sorry the book ended up being a disappointment.

    1. It was a hard one for me to review. I want to be able to rave about the excellence of indie writers whenever I choose to review one of their books, so when I end up with one that I end up rating this low, it kind of makes me sad.

  2. i liked the blurb. The premise sounds interesting. Perhaps the author just needs to go back and put some fresh thought into the book and keep editing. :-/

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