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In Down Solo: Things haven’t been going well for Charlie Miner. His work as a private investigator involves him with an endless roster of shady characters. His ex-wife is borderline crazy. And he hasn’t been getting to spend anywhere near enough time with his teenage daughter Mindy, the one person in his life who truly matters to him.

When he wakes up on a slab in the morgue with a hole in his head, though, things get even worse.

Just before the shooting, Charlie was investigating a case involving fraud, gold, religious zealots, and a gorgeous woman who seemed to be at the center of everything. Even with a fatal bullet wound, Charlie can connect the dots from the case to his attack. And when his daughter is abducted by someone involved, the stakes get exponentially higher. Charlie needs to find Mindy before the criminals do the same thing to her that they did to him.

After that, maybe he’ll try to figure out how he’s walking around dead. – Goodreads


Down Solo Review

A gumshoe novel with an unusual lead, Down Solo by Earl Javorsky will take you on adventure that involves arson, a gold mine, a hot dame, a trip to Mexico, and some crafty twists (and not-so-crafty twits) .4 Star Rated Down Solo Review

Javorsky writes well and easily. It’s hard to believe this is a debut novel.  While the content isn’t amazing, it’s solid and entertaining. There’s no major plot holes that scream for attention at the reader, and no horrible spelling or punctuation errors that will make the grammarists twitch. Even though the circumstances surrounding Charlie Miner’s ‘resurrection’ are bit on the ‘just don’t think too hard about it’ level, Charlie Miner himself is a likable chap that feels very real.

None of the other characters, including the daughter, are really present enough in the book for you to get a good ring on them, but that actually doesn’t seem to matter much. Except for the taxi driver. I know what he was supposed to be, and I see what Javorsky was doing, but it’s on this character that he falters. Maybe it’s because the guy doesn’t have enough talking/talk about time. Maybe he’s just not a well-written character. Regardless,  he comes across as the token audience stand-in to further the “How’d I get to be walking around dead” portion of the story-line. The metaphysical parts of this story (especially at the end) were a little puzzling and weakened the story a bit.

Overall, Down Solo is an entertaining read by an author that proves his talent right out of the starting gate (though I haven’t read his second work), and will doubtlessly entertain people who like unique thriller reads that they can get through in an afternoon.

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Title: Down Solo | Author: Earl Javorsky (site) | Publisher: Story Plant Publishing (site) | Pub. Date: 2014-12-9 | Pages: 202 | ISBN13: 9781611881769 | Genre(s): Mystery / Thriller | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-4-16 | Source: Received a copy from the author free in exchange for an honest review.

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