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Our review policy is as follows:

Sci-Fi & Scary is open to accepting books from self-published, small press, and large press published authors.

We are willing to do Release Day Reviews, but these books MUST have been given to us at least 2 months in advance.

Books may be reviewed any time within a 2-3 month period after they’re given to us for review. In some cases it may be a shorter than specified time frame.

We get a ton of requests, and try to at least respond to each of them, but our emails do tend to turn into black holes at times. Bear with us.

Sci-Fi & Scary is open for review submissions.

We accept submissions from the following genres:

  • Science Fiction
  • Horror
  • Kids Science Fiction
  • Kids Horror

We accept regular print format as well as graphic novels.

Disclaimer: We’ve wavered back and forth on including this in my review policy, but given the sheer amount of Christian-themed thrillers we’ve been getting review requests for, we’re just going to state it plainly:

We are not the correct site to submit religious-themed works to. If your book has heavy dose of faith/religion/god-like characters come back to earth – Don’t care if it’s Catholic, Christian, Muslim or whatever…your best bet is just to find another reviewer, as we cannot guarantee unbiased reviews.

We will post reviews on:
– Goodreads
– Barnes and Noble (if applicable)
– Amazon (if applicable)
– Audible (if applicable)
– Netgalley (if applicable)
– This blog

Rights reserved: We reserve the right NOT to review a book if the author presents themselves, at any time, in an unprofessional manner.  We post reviews at our discretion.

We will not respond to emails asking us to “not post” our review somewhere just because it was unfavorable.

We will not respond to emails from authors offended that we did not give their books a good review. We understand that how precious an author’s work is to them, and that it can be easy to get upset when someone doesn’t like what you spent your time and creativity on. To engage in discussions where one side is angered/upset is just to perpetuate a cycle.

Please don’t be that crazy indie author who gives indie authors a bad rep.

The “in exchange for an honest review” is clear-cut. We will post honest reviews on all applicable sites.

Our review style is honest and casual. We cannot promise there will be no snark.We review books, not authors, so do not take a bad review personally.


Please understand that if you’re looking for an easy 5-star review for your book, you need to look elsewhere

THE DNF Policy

As of October 1st, 2016, We are instituting a policy concerning DNF reviews.

  1. We will read every book to at least the 50% mark before making the decision to DNF it. That means we’ve given the book until the halfway point to hook us. If your book hasn’t hooked us by then, the chances of it happening in the last half are slim to none.
  2. Depending on the reason for DNF, we may not review your book on Sci-Fi & Scary. (Will still post my reasons on Goodreads.) Reasons we may DNF (includes, but not all) If it’s because the book just isn’t for us. If it’s because we DNFed it quickly due to a complete lack of editing.
  3. We will not assign star ratings to your book if we DNF it.  I WILL talk about the book in a review, including stating why I chose not to finish it, but we will not officially rate it anywhere (except if it’s a Netgalley book. We will rate on Netgalley.). We will not post DNF reviews to Amazon or Barnes and Noble because of the forced to rate.
  4. This does not mean you will no longer see bad reviews on Sci-Fi & Scary. Because trust me, some books we hate so much we have to finish, just so we can have a good rant about them.

To Request A Review

If you would like us to read and review your book, please complete the Review Request form on this site.

-Publication Company (if not self-published)
-Number of pages
-Format (Mobi, Printed, or Audio ONLY)
-Genre and Short Summary
-Is there child death in your book (If there is, we will need more information.)
-Have you had your book edited for spelling/grammar/punctuation?

Be Aware: After we receive your submission, if we are unsure whether to take your story for review, we may ask for a sample (generally just sending me the first chapter is fine.) This will let us know if we really are a good fit for each other. You are welcome to send a sample without prompting along with your review submission. 

We have registered with The Indie View.

Thank you,

Scifi and Scary

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