A Review of National Geographic Readers: Ponies

What’s it about?

A level one reader for young children filled with interesting facts about ponies. Level one means its perfect for young ones who are just starting to read on their own.

My Review of National Geographic Readers: Ponies

Ponies is filled with gorgeous pictures, peppered through with silly jokes, and filled with lots of interesting facts like the different colors and markings one is likely to see, as well as the difference between socks and stockings.  The language is simple, but not too simple. They do a great job of defining the harder to understand words in simple ways. It also provides information that even parents might not know (like the wild ponies in Maryland and Virginia) so that even reading with their children, they might learn something too!

Cute, informative, and simple enough to not stretch a young reader’s limited attention span, National Geographic Readers: Ponies is a wonderful book and an excellent introduction and way to foster the fascination for these adorable animals. I highly recommend it.


Title: Ponies | Series: National Geographic Readers | Publisher: National Geographic Children’s Books | Pub. Date: 2011-8-23 | Pages: 32 | Genre: Children’s nonfiction | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 5 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-3-26 | Source: Kindle FreeTime Book