My Babysitter is a Monster Review

Sean’s babysitter insists that he stay in his room, but there’s a monster under his bed! What can Sean do?

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My Babysitter is a Monster Review

Miss L says: I think this monster book is rating three stars. I liked the pictures better than the story. The pictures were silly and I liked that the monster was purple. The cover also looks gross because it looks like the monster is trying to eat Sean.  The story kind of entertained me, and I was like “Aww” when the monster started petting him. I thought it was gross that the monster ate the babysitter, but I didn’t like the babysitter so I didn’t really mind that she got ate. It was still gross though, because she was covered in slime. I also didn’t like that the monster didn’t listen when Sean told her to spit the babysitter out.

Adult review: Miss L went back and forth on this book a lot. First she rated it one star, until I opened it on Kindle Cloud Reader and she saw the color illustrations. That definitely upped her opinion of it. As for me, it was a mediocre read, to be honest, and I’ve definitely read better from A.J. Cosmo. I’m sure it might amuse some kids (and adults), but it just fell flat in this household. Still, My Babysitter is a Monster on Amazon, and you may like it more than we did.

3 Star Rated my babysitter is a monster review

Title: My Babysitter is a Monster | Author: A.J. Cosmo (site) | Publisher: Thought Bubble Publishing | Pub. Date: 2013-9-26 | Pages: 19 | ASIN: B00FH46M06  | Genre: Children’s Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Date Read: 2016-5-4 | Source: Kindle Unlimited


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