Reblogged: Why Banned Book Week (Sept 27-Oct 3) Should Matter To Us


When people do something as stupid as banning Little Red Riding Hood because of the depiction of a bottle of wine her basket… (yes, folks, that happened)… its important to understand why Banned Books Week is something we should all be aware of.

I am FIRMLY of the mind that

No Book Should Be Banned!!

Why not? Its simple. Music can force its way into our ears. We can’t shut off a TV if we’re at someone’s house and its playing something objectionable… but a book? A book does NOTHING unless you let it do something.

You have to pick up the book.

You have to read it.

Its your choice whether you read the book or not.

Click HERE for a decent article on why we should pay attention to Banned Books Week.

2 thoughts on “Reblogged: Why Banned Book Week (Sept 27-Oct 3) Should Matter To Us

  1. This is so true. Banning books is ridiculous. Especially when it’s done in schools. Like, your kids will see worse things on tv than what they will read in books. If they even read that is…

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