Reblogged: When To &!$%ing Swear (As A Writer, Of Course)

Saw this earlier today, and thought I’d pass it along. Its something one of the authors I’m reading now really needs to consider.

What do you think about cursing in literature?

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Source: When To &!$%ing Swear (As A Writer, Of Course)

3 thoughts on “Reblogged: When To &!$%ing Swear (As A Writer, Of Course)

  1. Absolutely when it’s appropriate. In Scripting the Truth, no one swears because it’s not time/space appropriate. In my current WIP the detective swears, because that’s who he is. A little gritty, a little over worked, definitely too tired to come up with more descriptive words to explain his angst. Which incidentally tends to be when I swear. LOL

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