Reblogged Awesomeness: Writers: Win $200!

Saw this writing contest and thought of all my indie author contacts. I’d love to see a horror writer take a … stab … at this! (Not that I’m bloodthirsty or anything.) Click the picture or the link below to be taken to the site.


Homer and Marge, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ross and Rachel, Shrek and Fiona…

These are all iconic fictional couples whom we are familiar with. We adore them, we love them. But what happensafter their “Happily ever after?” Do they stay in love? Do they have an unfortunate fallout? Does conflict disrupt their lives? Perhaps the threat of a third world war challenges their devotion to one another?

You tell us!

For a chance to win $200, writers are encouraged to pick any iconic fictional couple made popular by a book, movie, or TV show and enlighten us on what happens after their “Happily ever after.”

2 thoughts on “Reblogged Awesomeness: Writers: Win $200!

  1. This is one of those times I wish I had better fan fiction writing skills. I would definitely go for Meta-crisis Tenth Doctor/Rose. (Yeah, yeah, I ship Ten and Rose … I know not everyone liked Rose as a companion, but “Doomsday” ripped my heart out. Curse you, Russell T Davies.)

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