Reblogged Awesomeness: How I read so much

This isn’t an example of my TBR pile. This is an example of my Currently Reading pile!

and… You mean not everyone has several books going at once?? How do you NOT read more than one book at a time?

But, seriously, this is an awesome post which explains how some of us manage to read so much without neglecting everything that’s going on around us.

Go check it out here


3 thoughts on “Reblogged Awesomeness: How I read so much

  1. My wife could never get used to me reading half a dozen books at a time
    I have books stashed everywhere in the house, car, office etc
    I’m lucky I can pickup a book I’m reading and drop straight back onto the sentence I left off at

  2. Love this! I have become a multi-book reader recently. Actually, I’ve come to embrace it. And I love that you’re reading Betrayal in Death. This is one of my all time favorite series.

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