Quick Review: The In Death Series by J.D. Robb

What’s it about?

Set in the near future, the In Death novels are police procedurals starring Lt. Eve Dallas and a few members of the Homicide Division of the NYPD.

It also follows Eve’s personal life as she battles to overcome her demons, learns to build friendships, and tries out the whole relationship thing with probably the worst man a cop could hook up with. Filthy rich, gorgeous, and walking the line for Eve, Roarke is the bad boy turned good for the love of a good woman.

There are 41 books in the series, not including novellas, and it is still going strong.

What did I think of it?

The In Death series is one of my favorites. With a series this large, there are going to be some fantastic books, and there are going to be some check-in/filler books. Not every single one of them can be a complete hit. Its just not possible. If you expect that, then you’re just being unreasonable.

This series is wonderful. J.D. Robb (Aka: Nora Roberts) has created a believably near-future world that has recently recovered from the devastation of the Urban Wars. The setting is rich, the characters burn themselves into your mind, and you find yourself laughing at the give-and-take among the group even as you’re wondering about the latest murder/mystery they’re trying to solve.

The lives of the group aren’t always happy. They don’t always win. People get hurt. But, overall, they overcome, and the group dynamics are half the draw to the books. I love watching Dallas and Peabody bicker over stupid crap just as much as I love the satisfaction I get from them taking down a murderer.

Its not ground-breaking work, but it is good fun reading and I recommend it to anyone who likes a blend of romance and suspense.

…and eventually I will own every JD Robb book, but geeesh! There’s a lot!

Click here for the Goodreads page for J.D. Robb.

You can buy these books pretty much everywhere, including all your local book stores. I recommend the cheapest places, because it gets expensive quick!

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