Dead Sea Review (Zombie Horror)

Dead SeaDead Sea Synopsis: The city streets are no longer safe. They are filled instead with the living dead, rotting predators driven only by a need to kill and eat. Some of the living still struggle to survive, but with each passing day, their odds grow worse. Some survivors have fled, frantically searching for a place to escape, even briefly, the slaughter around them. For Lamar Reed and a handful of others, that safe haven is an old Coast Guard ship out at sea, with plenty of water between them and the zombies. These desperate survivors are completely isolated from the dangers of the mainland. But their haven will soon become a deathtrap, and they’ll learn that isolation can also mean no escape! – Goodreads


Dead Sea Review

Holy crap, this book disturbed me! Intelligent zombies don’t really do much for me in general, so I was happy to see Keene return to the Romero-style zombies.  He does horror so very well. I shudder even now just thinking about this book. The pace is qui4 Star Rated Dead Sea Reviewck, but it’s balanced by serious thoughts/observations on the post-apocalyptic life.

It’s so well-written that it just unsettles you on a very basic level. Especially the ending. Sweet Circe, that ending will give you nightmares! (I know it did me!) It was surprisingly bleak. I actually loved that because, as I’ve said before, I love it when authors go with the unexpected. Brian Keene is definitely a talented author who excels at writing stories that linger in your brain (and gross you out). So, don’t read if you’re the type who has a bit of a weak stomach.  Don’t read (obviously) if you’re not a zombie fan. However, if you are a zombie fan, you need to read Dead Sea. Stop what you’re doing and get your hands on a copy. You will not regret it!

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Title: Dead Sea | Author: Brian Keene (site) | Publisher: Leisure Books | Pub. Date: 2007-1-1 |  Pages: 337 | ISBN13: 9780843958607| | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: Read at your own Risk | Source: Self-purchased

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      1. Sure! (heads up it might be a little while, as although I read a lot and quickly, my ‘to read’ fiction list has about 30 books on it which I randomly pick from according to my mood. And I also have a ‘to read’ non-fiction list).

          1. I’m kind of new to non-fiction reading for pleasure. I spent ages assuming I wouldn’t like it, but this was mostly based off reading textbooks for uni. When I actually gave it a shot I found I liked it. Fiction is still my true love though.

              1. I really don’t love biographies. Or travel writing. I just don’t get why people find them interesting. I only read these things if the writing is good and entertaining, never for the subject matter.

                I like books about science-y things. Or social science-y things (but not self-help style ones). Or histories (but with narrow rather than broad focus). Or disasters. I have a weird interest in things going horribly wrong.

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