Primordia: In Search of the Lost World by Greig Beck #BookReview

Title: Primordia: In Search of the Lost World | Author: Greig Beck | Publisher: Severed Press | Pub. Date: 2017-12-13 | Pages: 248 | ASIN: B0788Y79LR | Genre: Speculative Fiction / Science Fiction | Language: English | Triggers: Snakes, Spiders, Bugs | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Kindle Unlimited

Primordia: In Search of the Lost World

Ben Cartwright, former soldier, home to mourn the loss of his father stumbles upon cryptic letters from the past between the author, Arthur Conan Doyle and his great, great grandfather who vanished while exploring the Amazon jungle in 1908.

Amazingly, these letters lead Ben to believe that his ancestor’s expedition was the basis for Doyle’s fantastical tale of a lost world inhabited by long extinct creatures. As Ben digs some more he finds clues to the whereabouts of a lost notebook that might contain a map to a place that is home to creatures that would rewrite everything known about history, biology and evolution.

But other parties now know about the notebook, and will do anything to obtain it. For Ben and his friends, it becomes a race against time and against ruthless rivals.

In the remotest corners of Venezuela, along winding river trails known only to lost tribes, and through near impenetrable jungle, Ben and his novice team find a forbidden place more terrifying and dangerous than anything they could ever have imagined.

Primordia: In Search of the Lost World

Primordia: In Search of the Lost World Review

I haven’t read much of Greig Beck’s work but unless memory fails, I’ve liked everything I have read. He’s not a name that immediately pops to mind when I’m looking for a new book to read, but when I lay hands on one of his works, I know to expect a good story. And Primordia: In Search of the Lost World was a very good story. So good, in fact, that it had me up until 1:30 in the morning before I cried uncle and reluctantly put it down to go to sleep.

If you’re a fan of The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, Beck’s Primordia: In Search of the Lost World will engage you immediately. It’s almost ridiculously fast-paced (not a bad thing), but Greig still manages to weave just enough of a story around the origins of Doyle’s tale to sell it to you. Primordia is a rip-roaring, action-packed speculative fiction adventure filled with chomping and squishing, overlaid with a serious atmosphere of “They’re all going to die” that won’t let you look away. 

Given the type of novel it is, if you’re expecting character development, it’d be a good idea to look elsewhere. There are good guys, bad guys, a smattering of history to bring them together, and a bit of a love story just because sometimes there needs to be a bit of a love story. Most of them are just monster-fodder anyways, so do you really need to believe in their validity as human beings? (If your answer was yes, again, best go read something else.) Most of the middle of the book was spent with me going “Nope. No. You are not going to – !” and then watching a character die. Followed by the intense urge to drag one particular toe-rag out of the pages just so I could investigate what happens to certain dangly bits when someone wearing crampons delivers a well-placed kick.

All in all, Primordia was an engrossing, entertaining read with an amazingly clean copy, considering the last few books I’ve read from this particularly publisher have been so damaged by a lack of copy-editing and proofreading that they’ve been just this side of impossible to get through.  Very happy to have this pleasant reading experience instead.

Definitely check this out, folks. Primordia: In Search of the Lost World is worth every penny spent on it. 

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