Press Release: Somebody’s Darling

Movie poster for Somebody's Darling

Sharad Patel’s Somebody’s Darling Debuts on VOD

Supernatural Thriller Puts a Twist on Campus Predators

Available on iTunes, Amazon Instant and More December 1st


“It treats its subject matter with honesty and a sense of urgency, never once venturing into exploitation.” — Bloodbath & Beyond

“It says something that a first time director with a micro-budget is able to invoke these feelings in the viewer.” —


Los Angeles, CA– UFOClub Creative has announced the VOD release of Sharad Patel’s Somebody’s Darling.  Putting a supernatural twist on the ever-relevant topics of campus safety, rape culture and privilege, Sharad Patel’s directorial feature debut took home the Jury prize for Best Feature at Comicpalooza, Best Horror Feature Film at the Subversive Film Awards and Best International Film at the Feratum Film Festival.

Somebody’s Darling will be available on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and Vudu starting December 1st.

Movie poster for Somebody's Darling

Somebody’s Darling

A brooding mysterious fraternity president becomes obsessed with a coed despite having it all in his privileged existence.  What begins as a hopeful romance twists into obsession, and he risks his social standing in his pursuit of her heart. It seems that a positive change of character might bloom as he drifts away from the misogynistic, hedonist ways of his frat brothers.

But a dark secret seems to cloak it all, and glimpses of truth surface in his surreal visions and dreams. Huge and horrible revelations mark the violent finale of this retro-styled, psychological, horror drama touching upon current issues of date rape culture, southern history, and privilege. 

My thoughts: That trailer. Wow. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing, either. The score for the trailer for Somebody’s Darling strikes a note that makes it feel all the more disturbing. I also liked some of the visuals as well.  I don’t know if I’ll be watching it, but that’s more because sexual violence isn’t really something that I like in my horror, but I’m tempted. I’m very, very tempted…

What did you guys think about the music in the trailer?

2 thoughts on “Press Release: Somebody’s Darling

  1. It is intriguing, for sure. I like the music but I’m not sure how it fits in with everything else. I’ll check it out and see if I can access it on Amazon here (not all the films are available everywhere. We shall see). Thanks.

  2. I’d probably watch it just to see what it’s actually all about. It mentions a supernatural element and wonder how that ties in. The music, maybe it should be more ominous or build for suspense?

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