Press Release: Butcher the Bakers – a Horror Comedy

Need a laugh?

Butcher the Bakers cuts up for your amusement!

Butcher the Bakers Movie Poster

Writer/director Tyler Amm’s frighteningly funny Butcher the Bakers arrives on VOD January 16 from genre specialists Dark Cuts.

Recently fired, a grim reaper terrorizes a small town, killing and collecting souls for a purpose only he knows. Sam and Martin, slackers who work at the local bakery, are hired by a mysterious stranger to stop him from killing again. Ryan Matthew Ziegler, Sean Walsh, Mike Behrens and Lisa Wojcik star.

Executive produced by Volumes of Blood’s P.J Starks, Butcher the Bakers is a fantastically splatastic new indie jaunt that gives both the lungs and funnybone a workout!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil meets Zombieland in Butcher the Bakers, out January 16 on Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, Vubiquity, Dish and Tivo.


Our Thoughts on Butcher the Bakers

I (Lilyn) was tempted to watch Butcher the Bakers for review, I’ll gladly admit. The only reason I didn’t was because I’m very hit or miss on horror comedy, and didn’t want to have to give a bad review to something most people might have liked just because it didn’t tickle my funny bone. However, my cohost, Gracie, has happily agreed to watch this and write it up for everyone!

What did you guys think of the trailer?

A quick glimpse at the cast’s IMDB profiles makes it clear that a few of the actors have worked together a couple of times before. That tends to bode well, as they’ll know how to bring out the best in each other.

Butcher the Bakers looks like it has the potential to be a laugh-out-loud, snort-your-drink type of movie for people who like a little giggles with their gore. We’ve included a few stills from the movie below for your perusal.

If you do end up watching it, please let us know!

Butcher the Bakers Gallery

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