This Week in Books: Its a little insane

This Week in Books was started by the bloggers over at Lipsyy. I find it much easier to do than the weekly Top 5! So, here we go… (psst: Click the book cover to be taken to the GoodReads page)
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Deeper and Deeper (Paranormal Mystery)

Deeper and Deeper Synopsis: After he died, Jamie just wasn’t himself. While pursuing gangbangers, Jamie Giles’ squad car veered off the road, killing him. But then something odd happened. He came back to life. Now he has a relationship problem-with
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Breed Review

plays upon society’s fears of genetic manipulation and the possible consequences associated with it, and proceeds to send the readers spiraling through a story with morbid fascination and disgust.

Reblogged: Horrid Henry – An apology

Very interesting post on controlling what our children read, and the consequences of that. I know I’ve considered tossing Miss L’s Junie B. Jones books once or…three hundred…times.

Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Wishes I’d Ask the Book Genie to Grant Me (Oct 20)

Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse Review (Anthology)

Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse Synopsis: “Whether the end of the world comes through nuclear war, ecological disaster, or cosmological cataclysm, these are tales of survivors, in some cases struggling to rebuild the society that was, in others, merely surviving,
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Jurassic World Review

An action-filled thrill ride starring everyone’s favorite “Should have stayed extinct” animals of the too-many-teeth variety. Oh, and Chris Pratt.

Sunday Punday: This one’s so bad even I groaned…