Sunday Punday: Norman Reedus I spit my coffee out my nose when I saw this one. I normally think the ones with these pictures are ridiculous, but this was just awesome.

Sunday Punday: Don’t Stop Retrieving.

Kid’s Corner: The Bad Kitty Obsession

There is only one series that can overshadow with Miss L’s love for Calvin and Hobbes. This series is the one by which all other books are measured. It is…. BAD KITTY We picked up our first Bad Kitty book
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Reblogged Awesomeness: A Just Good Grammar (or Spelling) lesson.

Spelling matters. Spelling MATTERS! Your JGG lesson for today comes to you from Books and Opinions. Its on then/than. Its nothing to be ashamed of if you have trouble telling the difference. I do, sometimes. Go check out her quick little
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Miss L Reviews “Ghostly Thief of Time”

Stuart, Violet, and Brian (the Emu Club) find another mystery to solve. This time it’s…”Why does time run so slowly in some places?” Well, they got an answer, but it certainly was not what they were expecting!  One thing leads
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