A Review of Tilt Your Head, Rosie the Red by Rosemary McCarney

What’s it about? “Arriving at school, Rosie is dismayed to see the kids on the playground taunting her classmate Fadimata, who is Muslim and wears a headscarf. Rosie comes up with a plan. Rosie has a red cape she likes
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Discovery Spaceopedia Review (Children’s Educational)

“From a close-up look at the planets in our solar system to a deep exploration of mysterious, far-off galaxies, Discovery Spaceopedia takes kids on an amazing journey thought the stars. Created with an expert astronomer from Discovery Channel, Spaceopedia is
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Revenge of the Giant Robot Chickens Review

Giant Robot Chickens with butt thrusters. Ninja robot chickens. Brave children ready to ruffle poultry feathers and bring down evil cluckers that were attempting to take over their world.

Miss L Reviews “Nim’s Island” by Wendy Orr

What’s it about? A girl. An iguana. An island. And e-mail. Meet Nim–a modern-day Robinson Crusoe! She can chop down bananas with a machete, climb tall palm trees, and start a fire with a piece of glass. So she’s not
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Luna Review (Science Fiction / Horror)

Luna Synopsis: On the threshold of opening the moon to tourist excursions, a private space firm owned by a visionary billionaire takes a team of non-astronauts to the lunar surface. To address concerns that the moon’s barren rock may not
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Fanciful Fridays: Fierce

Cry of the Sea Review (Urban Fantasy)

I’m (wo)man enough to admit that my thoughts went “girl with long dark hair from Washington and a supernatural creature… alright, where’s the sparklies?” and I died a little inside at the thought. However, it was immediately obvious that Juniper Sawfeather is an interesting character, not the perfectly bland “Insert yourself” here that we’re all aware of.

Short Story Shoutout: Fire and Ice by Kevin Bray

This isn’t either scifi or horror, so I feel a bit weird sharing it, but at the same time its well written enough that I couldn’t not share it. The author does a great job and its only a few
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Reblogged: Here Are Some Creative Ways To Encourage Your Child To Read

I know its not Saturday, which is when I generally post kids-related reading things, but I came across the post and wanted to immediately share it. Kids literacy is SO important. Our children now are our leaders tomorrow. Studies have
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Awesome Fanfic Recommendation: Triple your fun by Aurilia

So, I’ve actually got a little mini-series of fics to present to you today. They’re Harry Potter and Supernatural cross-over, and I not-so-secretly love them. The author, I think, does a great job at combining the two worlds in a
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