Our Favorite Dads in Sci-Fi & Horror

A banner with the words The Top Ten Tuesday List on it.This isn’t going to be a TTT that just draws from books. Because, for as much as we read, it’s hard to think of dads in science fiction and horror. At least that aren’t weird or disgusting or, y’know, murderous. And it’s for that reason that we also need to clarify that this list of our favorite dads in sci-fi and horror may not include all blood-related fathers, but also step-fathers, honorary fathers, and father figures. This is also not a list in any particular order.

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Our Favorite Dads in Sci-Fi & Horror

  1. Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Okay, while I had a seriously skeevy crush on the old man in tweed when I was younger, even I can admit he was also a great father figure to Buffy and the crew. I wanted him for his intelligence and his books. They needed him for everything else. And they got it. Giles stepped up for the crew in a way that no one could have expected, and I loved the family unit that they became, trials and allIcre Cream Gif.
  2. Bobby Singer from Supernatural. Can anyone argue there’s a more awesome father figure out there? Bobby has no obligation to Sam and Dean, and yet he would give his life for them. He loves the kids, comes to their rescue, and has no problem letting them know when they’re being ‘idjits’. And they are. Idjits, that is. Quite regularly. There might have been sniffles involved in the real world when Bobby Singer finally bit it.
  3. Professor X from X-Men. Okay, this is solely based off the movies. And we’re talking the Patrick Stewart Professor X. Not the weird reboot with the dude from Split. But Professor Xavier was awesome. Who didn’t want him to show up at your door, take you to a school where there were others just like you, and teach you to be a super-hero? Okay, he wasn’t perfect, and he was definitely the distant father-figure type, but you knew that he cared and that he was regularly trying to save the world. So totally earns his place on this list.Idits gif
  4. Harry from Silent Hill (game, not movie): While Harry in the movies was a good guy, Harry from the game was an awesome dad in a very strange situation. He and his wife originally found Cheryl after Cheryl was split off from the main girl, Alessa. Harry and his wife adopted Cheryl. After his wife’s death, when Cheryl was 7, they went back to the town of Silent Hill. Cheryl was rejoined with her other half, Alessa. After Alessa was killed she split herself into another baby and gave it to Harry. Harry took the baby, whom he named Heather and raised her until his death, when Heather was 17. So, to sum it up, Harry raised an adopted daughter until she went missing and literally went through hell trying to get her back. At her “death” he raised the baby left with him. Caring for Heather and protecting her from the cult that was trying to reclaim her. On the dad scale he gets a ten from me.
  5. Arthur Kritikos from Thir13een Ghosts. Ok, you can argue whether the movie is good or bad forever but one thing you can’t argue with is that Arthur is a great dad. After the useless nanny runs off with the kids and then gets separated from them, Arthur spends the rest of his time trying to get his family back together. He even leaps through spinning death rings to get to his kids. (Lilyn says: Executive decision – we both think its awesome, so if you don’t, you can go state your opinion somewhere else. Hmph.)

That’s all we have in terms of our favorite dads in sci-fi and horror. Let’s face it, in these two particular genres, good dads are a bit hard to find.  However, there’s some bonus content below this adorable video, so keep reading!

Bonus content: 5 Awesome Men Who Suck as Dads in Sci-Fi & Horror

  1. John Winchester from Supernatural – Okay, the lusty part of me looks at John Winchester and just thinks grownup thoughts, but when I can shove my hormones to the side for a moment, you have to admit, he’s an awesome dude. Sucks as a dad, considering he basically left his kids to raise themselves frequently, or foisted them off on Bobby, but an awesome ass-kicking monster hunter.
  2. Mr. Church from Joe Ledger – His relationship with his (known) child, Circe, tends to consist of “we don’t acknowledge our relationship ever”. And even when people get in on the know, he never goes out of his way to be dad. However, when push comes to shove, he will unleash hell to protect his daughter.
  3. Walter Bishop from Fringe – Crazy, lovable, previously psychotic Walter. He’s a genius, funny as hell, batshit crazy….and absolutely sucks as a father. He gets an A for effort though!
  4. Jack Taggart, Sr.  from Jeepers Creepers 2 – Okay, yeah, he’s not exactly a great dad, but the man does get vengeance for the Creeper’s nabbing his boy for spare parts in fairly epic stabby fashion. I don’t think anyone can disagree how awesome the harpooning of the Creeper is and that’s not enough for him. And then there’s the wheeelchair scene.
  5. Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid – Big Boss may not win any Dad of the Year awards but you can’t deny he’s one kick-ass mercenary. Creating a non-UN nation dedicated to freelance mercenaries takes a lot of time. It also requires the ability to recognize talent. Whether it’s in the soldiering department or brainiacs to create mobilized, nuclear armed mechs. His kids/clones don’t really want to spend Thanksgiving with him (especially after the whole Zanzibar Land incident) but he comes through in a big way for small countries struggling to make it on their own.


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  1. Oh these are great picks. I haven’t seen all these shows but Rupert Giles is an incredible father figure, and it’s the same for Bobby Singer as well. That scene in Death’s Door where he’s talking about Sam and Dean pretty much always brings me to tears. 🙂

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