Oh You Sexy Monster, You: Challenge Accepted (NSFW)

POTENTIALLY NSFW folks – there’s a gif that’s a bit risque, and the subject’s a bit ribald, so be careful!

So, one our favorite commenters here on Sci-Fi & Scary was chatting with us on our 2018 Bookish Resolutions post. One thing led to another, and a challenge was issued involving sexy monsters… And well, there was only one thing we could say, wasn’t there?

Brian, from Sillyverse, said:

I suggest a post in which you and GracieKat each list your favorite five inappropriately sexy monsters. Or, if that would be . . . ah, too REVEALING, then a list of five appropriately sexy monsters each. (Limit one example of any given monster on each list; you’re not allowed to get away with five vampires!)

Challenge Accepted Gif

Well, sexy can mean a lot of things, can’t it? You can even find a man doing housework sexy, really. But, in the true spirit of things, we’re going to keep this as ribald as humanly (heh) possible.

Oh You Sexy Monster, You!

My number 5 pick is: Chucky from Child’s Play

Why he’s sexy: Because he’s a bad-ass that happens to be crotch height and made of plastic, which means that – theoretically at least – certain muscles aren’t going to get tired. Ever.  Oh, and unlike other little pleasure-giving friends, he doesn’t need batteries.

Movie poster for Cult of Chucky

My number 4 pick is: Kobra woman – from the below Gif

Why she’s sexy: Just look at her. Isn’t she glorious? That stance, the expression on her face. She’s confident with alllll her parts. Even the men are in awe.

Dancing Woman Gif

My number 3 pick is: Satanico Pandemonium – From Dusk ’til Dawn

Why she’s sexy: Sweet baby Cthulhu, the more accurate question would be “Why isn’t she?”

My number 2 pick is: Sweet – The demon from Once More With Feeling (BtVS)

Why he’s sexy: Uhm, did you ever watch that show? Did you hear the demon sing? Did you watch him move? And he’s a snazzy dresser to boot.

I guess you could say I… *puts sunglasses on* …like his style.

My number 1 pick is: Cthulhu

Why he’s sexy: Count the phallic-like appendages! Count them! Why bring in two or three guys when you’re wanting a 3-fer when he’s got appendages to spare?

Small Sci-Fi and Scary Divider

Heh. My turn. I fully agree with Lilyn’s choices. Particularly Kobra Woman. There’s something mesmerizing about her, isn’t there? Below are my five choices for sexily inappropriate monsters.

My Number 5 Pick: Creature from the Black Lagoon

Why He’s Sexy: Just look at him. He’ll give you a little TLC when you need it. He’ll carry you anywhere you want to go. Let’s just hope that certain areas aren’t as scaly as the rest of him.

My Number 4 Pick: The Kraken

Why He’s Sexy: He’s huge, and has chiseled abs! Plus, with four arms it makes you wonder if other…appendages are doubled as well.

My Number 3 Pick: Mara from the Shin Megami Tensai games

Why It’s Sexy: Umm, I don’t think I really need to say why, do I?


My Number 2 Pick: Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

Why He’s Sexy: He’s very ripped from hauling around his, er, Great Knife. He can also remove your clothes in one smooth motion. He’ll love to touch your skin from head to toe.

My Number 1 Pick: The Disturbed Guy

Why He’s Sexy: He’s sexy. That body, those eyes, that smile…how could  girl resist?


In the spirit of fair play, Brian said he’d be doing one as well. Can’t wait to see it!


Now, the other fun part of this is, when I mentioned in a group run by Avalinah’s Books that I had been issued and accepted a funny challenge, to my great surprise, when some of the the other girls heard what it was, they wanted it! So, here’s to the Oh You Sexy Monster, You! tagged ladies! Do your thing, girls!

There is but one rule, ladies: You can’t have more than 1 example of a particular creature. So a whole list of vampires and werewolves, per se, is out of the question.






23 thoughts on “Oh You Sexy Monster, You: Challenge Accepted (NSFW)

  1. Wow! I’ve been off WordPress for a few days, and I come here, and . . . I crack up laughing. And also run in fright from most of these. Although Satanico Pandemonium . . .

    OK, I am going to really have to up my game here. What I was going to do was . . . ah, limp . . . compared to this. You’ve made this challenge harder. So it might take me into next week to post mine. But it will happen, and I will let you know.

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m laughing so hard right now. I don’t know what made me laugh the most, Chucky or Cobra woman… *snorts*
    I am going to go with bookish monsters in mine, and I’ll do my best to get on it for the weekend.
    I love the gifs you both used – it just made your post that much more NSFW 😀

    1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, Lexxie!

      That gif of Kobra woman…when I first found it, god, I just stared at in fascination for I don’t even know how long. It’s just so…there! Lol. Did you notice the naked lady on the swing painted on the wall?

  3. You just about killed me with, “Because he’s a bad-ass that happens to be crotch height,” hahaha.

    What even is that cobra thing?? What is that from?

    Ooh you’re right about that demon. I do like snazzy dressers, and he does have quite the voice. Also, if we’re talking about phallic appendages, his chin is rather… interesting lol.

    Oh wow, that is a rather ripped kraken, haha. And is that a giant penis monster???

    Oh gosh, my post is gonna be really lame after seeing this one lol.

    1. It’s apparently from some sort of soft core prn movie. Isn’t the gif awesome? A random find by typing in tentacles into the gif search a while back. I was in awe. Lol. And good point about the chin!

      I can’t wait to see yours!

        1. As the “originator” of this, I second Lilyn in telling you to go for it, Kristen. Lilyn and GracieKat took this in a different direction than I imagined. They had fun with it. You do the same.

  4. I have seen these sexy monsters a LOT!!! I’m thinking cobra woman is the best!! For both genders…hehehe…just a note from MOMMA KAT!!! Love your ideas..

  5. Lol, this is too much. I actually have a post in draft regarding this same subject after our little discussion here to other day but I’ve been too busy to finish it. I see Gracie is trying to steal my man, my beloved Creature :). But at least my Krampus is still mine and mine alone.

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