The Neon Demon – Movie Trailer

After watching John Wick, I’ve pretty much decided I’ve officially got no desire to see any further  Keanu Reeves movies. The man might be an absolute sad sweetheart, but he just can’t act anymore. He needs to just become a goodwill ambassador or something. He seems like an awesome person and I’d totally cheer him on if he did something like that.

…, I got off track. Anyways, I’ve never even heard of The Neon Demon, but was browsing Youtube and figured what the hey..

This a beautifully shot trailer! Especially that opening scene of the glitter traveling down the curve of the woman’s back. There’s a certain artistry to making trailers, I think, and it definitely shines through here.


Whatcha think? Got any desire to see this?

Elle Fanning Picture - Actress in The Neon Demon
Elle Fanning **credit to IMDB for the photo**




Side note: Elle Fanning has a very innocent beauty to her, and a career that’s quickly gaining ground. Let’s hope she doesn’t Lohan. I’m curious to see how far she can make it.