My Favorite Doctor

Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor

This guy doesn’t get nearly enough attention. Everyone fawns over 10 or 11, or hotly debates Capaldi as 12, but Eccleston gets glanced over.

Eccleston NAILED the Doctor coming back from the Time War crap. He was every bit as good of an actor as 10. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as good-looking, and part of me thinks that’s what kind of screwed him over. That and the fact that we didn’t have as many episodes to get used to him as we have had with the other guys.

Give the 9th Doctor his due, dagblastit!

17 thoughts on “My Favorite Doctor

        1. Really? I’ve watched a couple episodes of his version of the Doctor (I fully admit The Angels Take Manhattan was awesome!) but in general I just can’t get enthused about him. To be fair, the more I think about it, the more I think its not necessarily *him* though, as much as it was the writing and just the introduction of other characters seemingly all at once that I couldn’t find myself caring about. Like…River. The “Spoilers” and “Hello, sweetie” thing just make me twitchy!

          1. To me he was the closest to the ‘real Dr’ (Tom Baker) that we have seen. He had an element of lightness and humour about him, but was also slightly unhinged – like any good Dr should be. Plus my kids loved him…

  1. Eccleston was an amazing Doctor, but I think that the short time he was on the show didn’t allow people to actually connect with him, given that he wasn’t such an easy Doctor to love right away. 🙂

      1. yeah it did :). But by the time you start to actually get the concept of the show, and realize that he’s bloody cool, he leaves soon after =/

        I think that only when you rewatch it, now knowing the show well, it’s when he really stands out

        1. He was my first doctor. I was so damned mad when he left and Tennant took over. I mean, I easily started shipping Ten/Rose, but 9….9 is just special in a way none of them can touch.

          1. 😀 I like that!

            I’ll admit, my first (-ish) was 9, and I love him, but Tennant stole my heart. lol.

            I liked 11 well enough, but after rewatching 9’s tenure, I realized that I like him better than 11… (though my second favorite is still the Second Doctor).

            1. I can’t stand 11. Well, that’s not accurate. I don’t *dislike* him, I just don’t like him enough to bother watching any episodes with him in it. 12 is…meh. 2nd doctor was fun. So was the 3rd!

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