Must-Have Wall Art for Classic Horror Fans

A banner with the words The Top Ten Tuesday List on it.For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, we were asked to come up with something relating to fandoms. Unfortunately, neither of us really do that, so it felt nigh impossible. However, soon we realized there was something we both could talk about for hours. Horror; specifically old school horror. So (after a bit of time tossing ideas back and forth, we put together a partial list of jewelry for horror fans. Which somehow then morphed into decor for horror fans, which culminated in this list of must-have wall art for classic horror fans. Because sometimes the post wants what the post wants.

So you get 10 original works by 10 different artists from Etsy that deserve to be hanging on your horror-hound walls. Etsy has some surprisingly fierce horror art!

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you courtesy of the Broke and Bookish.

It probably shouldn’t need to be said, just because I’ve referenced the creator of each piece in the caption, and linked each piece back to it’s individual Etsy page…but… None of these are mine. I didn’t create them. I had nothing to do with them. I’m not receiving anything for posting them on here.

Must Have Wall Art for Classic Horror Fans

Painting of Kurt Barlow 2
$23 – Etsy – Xenovibes
Painting of Creature From the Black Lagoon by Evil Nerd Studios
$30 – Etsy – EvilnerdStudios
Styled Hellraiser Poster
$48 – Etsy – The Geekerie
Painting of The Shining
$54.32 – Etsy – Borganic
Picture of a Wolfman Drawing
$64.57 – Etsy – GingerGuyDraws
Painting of Herman Munster
$80 – Etsy – SelphRoadStudios
Painting of The Mummy
$85 – Etsy – Artisdumb
Evil Dead Painting by Retrosprays
$175 – Etsy – Retrosprays
Canvas painting of Vincent Price
$200 – Etsy – Mark Redfield
Painting of Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates
$300 – Etsy – MusicandMonsters


Lilyn: My favorite is either the Wolfman or Jack from the Shining. With the Wolfman, I think I’m just in awe of the amount of time that had to have went into that particular print. With Jack, it just looks so menacing… in a postcard way. Wouldn’t that make a great postcard to send to your friend in Florida or somewhere warm where it’s dead of winter and freezing where you live and they’ve taunted you about the warmth one too many times?? And rip off a Liam Neeson quote while you’re at it. “I will find you, and I will kill you.”

Gracie: I love The Mummy and I like the particular art style on the print. I like the color tones behind the Mummy, it really brings it out and the bandages look very detailed. (In case you can’t tell, Lilyn’s the one inclined to ramble.)

*If you are the artist of one of these works, and are offended by me linking it here, just send me an email at contact @, and I’ll sadly take it down.*

14 thoughts on “Must-Have Wall Art for Classic Horror Fans

  1. I love the Vincent Price one. My grandmother, who passed away years ago, always loved him. I remember being a child and watching Hollywood Squares with her because he was almost always the center square. It wasn’t until I got older until I started appreciated his talent. I read a book by him a year or so ago that chronicled his life with his favorite dog. It was a great read and I grew to appreciate him that much more.

    1. It is an interesting one. GracieKat is the resident Vincent Price fan here. I just haven’t watched enough of the old classic movies to be able to appreciate him.

    2. I’ve seen an article by his daughter about when she attended one of the first cons. She was nervous about it and said she was so in awe of how many people came to her to talk about her dad and they were so nice to her. It was a pretty cool article.

    1. I haven’t ever actually bought anything off Etsy. I like some of the stuff I see, I’m just too …I dunno. Nervous about it.

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