Moving In Review (Paranormal Horror)

Moving InMoving In Synopsis: “Iron…and…salt,” whispers the old man. The dead old man. “Hurry or it will be too late…”

To escape the stress of living in the city and the anxiety of his high pressure job, Brian Roy moves his family to the country. His wife loves the easy living, but Brian hates it…especially when weird things start happening in the house. When he discovers a dead body in the woods and a burial ground in his basement, Brian could never imagine the shocking history of the house or its former occupants that comes to light.

As his life starts to unravel, Brian isn’t so sure living in the country is going to be the oasis of peace he and his wife expected. Lately, his home has become a haunting den of hell. – Goodreads


Moving In Review

Moving In was a nice, quick read. The paranormal aspect starts showing itself almost from the very first page. The pace is almost ridiculously quick (not a bad thing), and when I looked at the page count I couldn’t believe how long it actually was. Moving In is a 161 page e-book that feels like you’re reading 30-40 pages.  The author had a very clear idea of what story they wanted to tell, and did so without flourish or flare. It’s a solid read, if not a particularly exciting one. 4 Star Rated Moving In Review

I fear my senses have become dulled to some horror.  Or maybe this hearkens back to our discussion on Young Adult Horror (though this is not YA). Because whilst this was assuredly a ghost story, I would not have called it a horror story. Mildly spooky, yes. Outright scary or horrifying? Not so much. Moving In is a classic ghost story seen through to an ending that is almost too abrupt. The way it ended did not entice me to continue the series. It actually served to make me a little disgruntled. Technically the author did close out the story arc for the first book, but it felt incomplete.

There are two side characters you meet that are very important to the story. Both of them were, I think, much more interesting than the main characters themselves. The problem is, though, that they were also very cliché. You have the medium who comes off as crazy but ends up helping to save the day. Then there’s the person who can actually see the spirits, and he, of course, is not quite normal. On one hand I want to say it adds a splash of diversity, but on the other it was so typical that it just kind of made me sigh. However, the author did do a good job on his personality, I believe. The main characters themselves, Jenny and Brian, are just a little too ‘normal’ for me to  consider as engaging characters.

Overall, though, it’s a good read. Great way to pass time on a short plane or train ride. If you like low-key paranormal horror, you’ll enjoy it. Moving In is, of course, available on Amazon.

Title: Moving In | Series: Moving In #1 | Author: Ron Ripley | Publisher: Scare Street (site) | Pub. Date: 2016-1-26 | Pages: 161 | ASIN: B01B4CW1IG | Genre: Paranormal Horror | Language: English | Triggers: Inference of sexual violence | Foul Language Level: Low | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-8-2 | Source: Self-purchased

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