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PanSynopsis: 12-year-old orphan Peter is spirited away to the magical world of Neverland, where he finds both fun and danger, and ultimately discovers his destiny — to become the hero who will be forever known as Peter Pan. – IMDB

Tagline: Every legend has a beginning.

Release Date: 2015-10-9 | MPAA Rating: PG | Coolthulhus Earned: 4

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Pan Review

Going into this prequel to Peter Pan, I really had no idea what to expect. I’d seen a movie poster, and that was it. I’d checked out reviews enough to be sure that I could take my 6 year old to it without her running screaming out of the theatre. So, I guess you could say I had one of the most unbiased opinions possible for a major movie production.

Seeing Hugh Jackman in a role other than that of the adamantium-clawed badass was fun. He gets so into the role, and looks so different that I found myself staring at the character, looking for traces of Jackman, and other than the nose – being unable to find them. That is exceptional.  I’m not overly familiar with Rooney Mara, so I can’t speak to her acting abilities, but I will say that watching Tiger Lily be strong and kick ass in a movie where you expect men to dominate was awesome. Garrett Hedlund, who played Hook, was okay, but they played him like a young Indiana Jones which didn’t seem right. Also, his voice just seemed completely odd and fake and… well, that’s probably just one of those things where some people’s voices just annoy you, so I gripe about it too much.

I loved that one of the most vicious battle scenes was done in such a way that it really didn’t seem all that bad at all. The only thing the 6 year old said about the battle scene was “Where are all the pretty colors coming from?” It was a unique (as far as I know) idea on the film-makers parts, and one that was very effective. Even in a one-on-one fight that realistically would have been quite bloody and violent, it was done in such a way to make make the kids giggle even while the adults winced. All action scenes, I felt, were handled extremely appropriately for a PG movie.

On the downside, Pan was ridiculously long. Do we really, really expect children who are age appropriate for a PG movie to sit through 111 minutes? I have trouble sitting still for 111 minutes!!!  I don’t know what the obsession has been in the last couple years with making movies super-long, but it needs to stop. Not every needs to be over 100 minutes long. They really don’t. Especially movies geared towards younger audiences!

Overall, Pan was a decent movie with commendable acting, great action sequences, and a fun story to tell. I think, however, we would have had a better time watching it at home, where we could get up and move around as we wanted instead of being forced to sit still and be quiet the entire time. Click here  to buy Pan now on Amazon.

4 Star Rated Pan Review

Title: Pan (2015) | Director: Joe Wright | Actors:  Levi Miller, Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, etc | Production Company: Warner Bros., RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Berlanti Productions | Release Date: 2015-10-9 | Genre: Fantasy | Triggers: Parental Death (but delicately handled) | Language: English | MPAA Rating: PG | Rating: 4 out of 5

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