Lake Placid Versus Anaconda Review

Lake Placid Versus AnacondaSynopsis: A giant crocodile goes head to head with a giant Anaconda. The town sheriff must find a way to destroy the two monsters before they kill the whole town.-IMDB

Release Date:  2015-4-25| MPAA Rating: Unrated | Coolthulhus Earned: 3

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Lake Placid versus Anaconda Review

We got the stereotypical mortician eating over the dead body, the hard as nails sheriff, the brainless sorority girls, and the horrible CGI. What more could you ask for??

Within minutes of starting this movie, I was goading @R0B0SHARK on Twitter wondering if this could possibly be better than that epitome of horrible goodness. Then I started seeing familiar faces. Oooh yes, folks, I knew I was in for a treat.

I mean, we have Laura Dale who seems to play particularly unlikable sorority-type characters with gleeful abandon, then also  Nigel Barber, who gave us the fantastic “Space Needle, Starbucks, Microsoft…we make our stand in Seattle” line from Roboshark.  While she wasn’t in Roboshark, unfortunately, we also were graced with the presence of  Yancy Butler, of “Hansel and Gretel Get Baked” fame, as well as “Lake Placid 3” and “Lake Placid: The Final Movie” (Yay for continuation! She plays the same character in both of the Lake Placid movies too.)

Unfortunately, although the recipe was perfect, the ingredients were just a little bit off. Whereas Roboshark hit it out of the park with perfectly-timed great lines, horrible CGI, and action that didn’t stop (see my review here), Lake Placid versus Anaconda limped along at times, with lines that were delivered with a little too much force instead of flowing naturally. You can’t really fault it, though. Few movies ever really achieve ‘horribly-awesome’ status.

I did love that they tried to legitimately tie Lake Placid versus Anaconda together, with the reference to the Blood Orchid.  I mean there was no way to really do it, it was just an excuse to have two movie monsters battling it out, but they did try.

Seeing Robert Englund (and he wasn’t just making a 10 second cameo) at the beginning of the movie was a true treat, and usual he played the slightly off-beat creepy guy that you just know is going to somehow survive the whole thing even though he should have died early on.

The plot is practically non-existent and therefore not worth describing, but if you haven’t figured it out by now… You don’t watch movies like this for the plot.  The pacing is great. The CGI treading that fine line between “Did they even try?” and “Oh man, that’s just baaaaaad.”.  The actors/actresses did pretty good with what they were given, and delivered the lines with an over-the-top amount of drama, as is to be expected in a movie of this caliber.

All in all, there’s no real reason for me to not recommend you watch Lake Placid versus Anaconda. It is entertaining enough that I didn’t regret watching it, and, infact, after I get done watching Extinction, I might be even re-watch it.

Favorite Quotes:

“You think I’m smart?” “Oh yeah, you got a GED!”

“I need those baby crocacondas alive” They went there. BABY CROCACONDAS! There’s no coming back from that. None. Unfortunately, this appeared to be the top of the epicness scale, and it was back downhill from there.

“I think that’s a bit too small, Miss.” “I bet you’ve heard that more than once in your life.”

“Later, gator.” 

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3 Star Rated Lake Placid Versus Anaconda Review

Title:  Lake Placid Vs Anaconda | Director: A.B. Stone  | Actors: Corin Nemec, Yancy Butler, Skye Lourie , etc Production Company: UFO Films, Curmudgeon Films | Release Date: 2015-4-25 | Genre(s): Horror & Science Fiction | Language: English | Triggers: None | MPAA Rating: None | Rating: 3 out of 5


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