Insidious 3 Review

Insidios 3Synopsis: The 3rd, but really “first”, chapter in the Insidious saga, this one takes us back to before Elise meets the Lambert family. In this prequel, she reluctantly gets drawn into helping a teenager who is being stalked by a dangerous supernatural entity that at first tries to pose as the girl’s deceased mother.

Tagline: This is how you die

Release Date: 2015-6-5 | MPAA Rating: PG-13 | Coolthulhus Earned: 4

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Insidious 3 Review

I was eyeing this movie with  a feeling of dread. We all know the, uh, success rate when we get to the third movie in a horror movie series.  However, Insidious 1 was good, Insidious 2 tied in to one in a unique way which I loved, so I knew I was going to watch this one eventually. I was just waiting for it to hit Redbox.

I wish I hadn’t waited. I would have liked to seen this one on the big screen.

Insidious 3 delivers a high-tension experience that, even while it doesn’t utilize anything new or ground-breaking, is enjoyable pretty much from start to finish. Its actually pretty cookie-cutter, but I don’t even care! It made me jump, yelp, yell at the screen, and peek out from between my fingers. Unique? No. Good? Heck yes!

I enjoyed the fact that we got to see Elise’s backstory and personal development. I thought that some of the best scenes were the ones where she was by herself, or in the ghost world. The  other actors/actresses were good, but Lin Shaye brought it on a whole ‘nother level, and I loved watching her go all kick-ass! Plus, lets face it, Elise is not young or creaky old, not gorgeous or diverse. She’s a kooky semi-old white lady that is in profession associated with Charlatans…and watching her find her own strength and fight because its the right thing to do is just awesome. Click here to rent or buy Insidious 3 now on Amazon.

4 Star Rated Insidious 3 Review

Movie: Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015) | Director: Leigh Whannell | Actor(s): Lin ShayeDermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson etc | Production Company: Gramercy Pictures (I), Stage 6 Films, Entertainment One, etc | Release Date: 2015-6-5| Genre(s): Horror & Thriller | Triggers: None |Language: English | MPAA Rating: PG-13 | Rating: 4 out of 5 |