Monthly Wrap Up: November 2016

I didn’t realize I never got around to doing a mid-November check in. That means this post is  huge. I apologize folks. So, here’s what I read, reviewed, and a few choice highlights for the month of November. Because this is so big, I didn’t link covers back to Goodreads.

Books Read in November 2016


Out of this lot, Arkwright was definitely my favorite. Sawfish ended up disappointing me (though I kind of had a feeling that was going to happen). Writer’s Retweet was good – and I was happy to read more Piers Anthony again – but it wasn’t great. But Arkwright? That was awesome. It was the type of book that you just sink into.


Out of these three, I’d have to say Sandman was my favorite. It wasn’t that it was a great book, but it was absolutely hilarious. But I don’t the author wrote it to be funny, so that probably says something about it. Spaceman was good, but not great. And Faller was…uhm. Lets just leave Faller alone, shall we?


Damocles was awesome! I had the pleasure of reading a few fantastic science fiction novels this month, and Damocles was probably my favorite out of the lot. Filled with discovery and wonder, it is a true first contact novel. I liked every bit of it. This Savage Song was good, but I don’t see what the hype was about. I did like that it didn’t have a bunch of hormones involved, though!! The Case of the Claymore Diamond was a decent kid’s mystery.


Ghosts was the only graphic novel I read this month. Overall, I liked this kid’s book, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with it. However, the more important opinion on it here – Miss L’s – was very positive. She loves the book. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet was fantastic! Damocles barely beats it for top stop this month. Floating Staircase was a good, atmospheric read that was light on horror and heavy on suspense.

Top Ten Sci-Fi Bookssolar-expressskitter

Good Morning, Midnight was a nice, calm, quiet read. It was easy to lose yourself in. Then you go to the end and wanted to throw the book across the room. Good read. Solar Express was..the opposite of everything I just said about Good Morning, Midnight. In this humble reviewer’s opinion – It. Sucked. Skitter was fun, but very much a ‘filler’ second book.

forbidden-birththe-science-encyclopediaThe Sparrow

Out of these three, I definitely preferred the kid’s book The Science Encyclopedia. Neither Forbidden Birth or The Sparrow were real *bad* but neither of them really suited me. The Science Encyclopedia was chock full of all kinds of great information, though, and so well put together I couldn’t help but like it.

life-as-we-knew-itBook Cover for How Things Work by T.J. Reslersunfall

Life as We Knew It is a good Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic tale with a decent ending. How Things Work was definitely a book I oohed and aahed over for a while. Sunfall had an interesting protagonist but didn’t really stand out in any way.

The Feast of All Soulschildren-of-edenthe-age-of-miracles

Of these three, The Feast of All Souls definitely takes the cake. Simon Bestwick did a great job giving us a believable main character and an interesting story. Children of Eden was a breath of fresh air into the YA dystopian sub-genre. The Age of Miracles was…hm. I don’t know. I just didn’t care too much for it. Life as We Knew It did it better.

What I’m Currently Reading in November 2016


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The 2017 Sci-Fi Challenges!!

There are two separate challenges I’m running for 2017.  You can find out more information about them here, but the short and sweet is:

Decades of Sci-Fi is a curated listed. This is perfect if you want to expand your knowledge of sci-fi but have no clue where to start. 12 books, 1 a month.

Wired into Sci-Fi is semi-curated. Participants pick which books they want to read out of a compiled list.

Anyone can participate, though only 18+ and legal residents of the US may qualify to win some piddly prizes. And yes, I called the prizes piddly. These challenges were set up to be self-rewarding. I added a small prize element just to make a tiny bit more interesting/motivating, but I don’t have money to pay for overseas shipping on things.


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  1. You have a few of my TBR books on this list, and I’m definitely going to be checking some of your favorites from the month out.

    Thanks for this!

  2. Oh wow, you read quite a big number of books in November. I am glad to see that you enjoyed a number a them.All the best with the December TBR and also the challenges. Happy reading and enjoy the new month 🙂

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