Marionettes Review

Marionettes ReviewMarionettes Synopsis: Resuscitated after he drowns and dies in a flood, David Flint discovers he has returned from the other side with an uncanny ability: He can “jump” into people’s bodies and minds, and control their thoughts and actions.

David believes it’s a gift, and wants to use it to help people. Then four members of a ruthless drug ring savagely attack his fiancée and leave her in a coma, and David tries to use his new power to destroy the whole ring. But the ringleader, a voodoo priest known as the Zombie Master, is a formidable man with a deadly secret: He has the same incredible ability as David.

When the two human marionette masters clash in a brutal bloody showdown, using the ring’s members as their puppets, David discovers he’s battling for much more than his life—he’s fighting to rid the world of an evil human abomination.

Marionettes illuminates the greatest achievements of the human spirit and the darkest corridors of our minds, and answers the age-old question: What are the consequences of absolute power? – Goodreads



Marionettes Review

Marionettes had a great premise, but the execution wasn’t the best. The power to leap from person to person’s mind – to control and to know them – is awesome. The directions this book could have went? Fantastic. The book failed to live up the potential. The writing itself wasn’t bad. There were few spelling or punctuation errors. Some of the characters  were memorable and fun. The action really is non-stop.  Basically, all the window dressing was perfectly fine, but the core of the book needs a little more work. 2 Star Rated Marionettes Review

There were two main problems with Marionettes. The first one is that basically every single important event was telegraphed.  Every one of them. You were basically told “This is going to be important later”.  There was no real mystery, no suspense. There was maybe one thing that wasn’t revealed from the outset. You were told everything that was important before you could even wonder if it was or not. In every book I’ve read where something like this has gone on, the result has been the same – I did not like the book. I do not like – I don’t think many readers do – being spoon fed every piece of information and hardly being given anything to speculate or wonder about. It just doesn’t work out well.

The second problem is that it just wasn’t believable – and I’m not talking about the premise. The main character did go through some pain in the beginning, but beyond bad dreams doesn’t really seem to be appreciably affected. He wakes up with a superpower, then has smoking hot women falling over him left and right. He always manages to escape in the nick of time. Who barely thinks twice about cheating on the woman he supposedly loves, and walks away with only a mildly guilty conscience. No one is that lucky, super-power or no. He just never really felt like a ‘real’ character to me.

Still, Marionettes is available on Amazon if you want to give it a try yourself. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately, so it’s possible my view could be a bit off.

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 Title: Marionettes | Author: Kerry Alan Denning (site) | Publisher: Juju Mojo Publications | Pub. Date: 2016-5-31 | Pages: 253 | ASIN: B01DEEJJF0 | Genre: Thriller | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 2 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-7-13 | Source: Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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