Follow Me on WordPress Button for Self-Hosted Blogs (An Answer!)

I have an answer! I have been looking all month, but I finally  have an answer on how to get a follow me on WordPress button for self-hosted blogs!!

If you look over to the left of your screen, you should now see a shiny “Follow me on WordPress” button as proof of my answer!

Basically, I had the same problem this dude did… it was obvious people had the issue, and then they got it resolved, but no one ever shared the answer to how it got resolved! So, he does..

Click the link below to be walked through how to generate a Follow Me on WordPress Button for Self-Hosted Blogs

How To – Add A Follow Button To Self Hosted WordPress.


Thank you, sir! THANK. YOU.


6 thoughts on “Follow Me on WordPress Button for Self-Hosted Blogs (An Answer!)

  1. I only had the little thing that moves up from the bottom of the right-hand corner until very recently. It may have been when I changed my theme. But when I figured out how to add the follow, archives, top posts and pages, it really made a difference to the look of my page in addition to being more attractive to readers.

  2. So, did you experience issues with WordPress blogs following you? Or just wanted the button for other people’s convenience?

    I have a self-hosted blog as well, but the Jetpack plug in makes it very easy for other WordPress users to follow me even though I don’t have that button. I’ll look into adding it, though!


    1. They could follow me via email, but rarely got new wordpress followers via the followed sites – > manage -> add url method. Everyone knows we’re inherently lazy and like buttons that do the job for us.

      This returns the button!

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