Listing Your Book for Review

As of 4/11/2017, we are (temporarily) halting acceptance of books for review listing. Feel free to continue to sign your name to the Indie Author Pledge, as many have done, to show that regardless of your book being listed for review, you promise to hold yourself to a high professional standard.

We are halting this free books for review service while we revamp it. We will have it running and ready for fresh listings as soon as possible. 

Hello author!

Thanks for your interest in listing your book for review on Sci-Fi & Scary. This service is provided absolutely free to you, but things are a little different than what you’re probably used to.

Here’s the biggie: You won’t have any contact with the reviewers of your work. None. You’ll send me an electronic copy of your book (Preferably in two formats.) and I will release it to interested reviewers. I will follow up with the reviewers, making sure they’ve posted a review, or why they’ve chosen not to. I will let you know when reviews have been posted, and that I’ve verified it, but I’m not going to tell you who, what, or where.

I know, I know, that sounds weird, right? But if you click here, you’ll understand. See, there’s a handful of you that have given book reviewers a very, very hard time and made them super nervous about reviewing indie author work. So, I’ve brainstormed with a few people, and came up with this. It provides you with a degree of separation from your reviewers, which makes them feel safer. I know you’re super professional and would never harass a reviewer, but they don’t know that. So this is just better for everyone.

Second: I know you fantasy writers, thriller writers, etc, are absolutely awesome but… you guys get a lot of love. Science Fiction and Horror…not so much. So, sorry, but this offer is restricted only to authors whose works fall in the science fiction and/or horror category.

One more thing: Guys, gals, you wouldn’t believe how much a badly edited and/or proofread book can affect a reader’s opinion of your work. You shouldn’t rely on your best friend or a family member to edit your work. Neither should you rely on your awesome editing skills alone. Please make sure you’re giving the best version of your work that you have available. It will do nothing but good things for you. (If you are interested in listing, but know you need a proofreader at minimum for your work, Sci-Fi & Scary offers proofreading services at a very affordable rate. Click here for details.)

Updated 9/16/2016: I don’t want to have to do this, but as of today, September 16th, 2016, I’m instituting quality control checks. All books submitted from this day forth will have to be personally vetted by me before I list them on the site. This means you will send an e-copy of your book to me for perusal before acceptance. I will briefly look over it for editing and proofreading errors. If I find more errors than what I deem acceptable, I will refuse your book until such time as it has been brought up to my standards.

Although I can’t enforce this on books already submitted (and it’s not a problem with all of them anyways), I will be going through one copy of each of the books already submitted. If that book passes my spot-check, it will be indicated with a ((SS)) beside the title.

The Indie Author’s Pledge.

Now, if you’re interested, you’ll find a link to the Indie Author’s Pledge at the bottom of this page. After you fill out the embedded contact form,I need you to jot over there, read the pledge and put your book name, your name, and today’s date in a comment at the bottom.  If you don’t sign it, I won’t even think about working with you.

Harsh, right? Well, not really. I mean, all I’m asking is that you publicly state that you are a professional and conduct yourself as such. So it’s not as bad as it sounds. Howweeeeeever, and you will see this mentioned in the pledge, if you sign it and then you do misbehave towards a negative review…



Yes, your name will go on a publicly available list for reviewers to look at that warns them that you do not play nice with negative reviews. Plus, you won’t be eligible ever again to have any of your works promo’d or reviewed by Sci-Fi & Scary or associated sites in any way, shape, or form.

So, best we stay off that list, eh?

Anyways, so here’s the contact form…

[formidable id=6]

and here’s the link to the Indie Author Pledge.

**Filling out the form does not guarantee you a slot. It’s an inquiry form.**

Please Note: Sign-ups have started now, but the service does not start until August 18th.