Library Book Haul – Whoops!

So I went to the library intending to get two Steve Alten titles (The last of the Meg trilogy, and Sharkman), but they weren’t in yet. But along the way I saw that Chimera, the last of the Parasite trilogy was in….and then I thought “I’ll just get one more” and it snowballed from there to …


(The ones you can’t see on the bottom are L’s haul: The Haunted Library, Picture This: The Human Body, and ABC Doctor: Staying Healthy from A-Z)

Anyone read any of the ones in my pile??

11 thoughts on “Library Book Haul – Whoops!

    1. Well, I read Zoo on the Edge of the World that day, I just finished Marcus Sakey’s “Brilliance” (wasn’t impressed) so I can read another library book (alternating must reads/want to reads), so now its time for.. The Six, I think.

  1. I gave up on the “I’ll just pick up x” when I go now. I’m always taking my kiddo too who loves books as much as his mom, so I take a enormous bag that holds about 50 books. Works out well.

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