The Last City Review (YA Zombie Dystopian)

Title: The Last City | Series: The Last City #1 | Author: Logan Keys | Publisher: Le Chat Publishing | Orig. Pub. Date: 2015-4-18 | Pages: 257 | ASIN: B00ZUA2X3M | Genre: Young Adult Zombie Dystopian | Language: English | Triggers: Forced abortion | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Source: Received a copy from Netgalley for review consideration.

The Last City

Sixteen-year-old Liza was prepared to die from cancer, but instead she’s been gifted super-strength. Since the undead plague, the world’s gone crazy: Evil dictators, mad scientists, sick kids imprisoned on an island, and experiments that have created the stuff of myths and legends.

When Liza meets Jeremy Writer, an anarchist rousting the people to revolt, she has a choice to make. Risk imprisonment, or join the rebellion. And she finds she has a talent for enlisting allies to their cause.

Tommy’s a normal seventeen-year-old boy, that is, until he’s angry. The Underground’s created super-soldiers to fight the regime holding the last city. But he struggles to contain his monster more and more, and Tommy wonders how much of himself will be left when they arrive. He’s got too many who rely on him, to give up now.

If Liza can’t help spark an uprising, and Tommy loses control before victory, then the last of the population will be purged, and freedom will be nothing but a memory.

The Last City (Formerly Gods of Anthem) is a young adult zombie dystopian tale that faces all odds in a post-apocalyptic world. – Goodreads

Book cover for The Last City

The Last City Review

Here’s an idea. Let’s write a book that has the potential to be really good. We’ll pull in a bunch of different elements, including mutants + zombies, a post-apocalyptic world, and a dystopian city setting. We’ll also make sure to fill it with at least a few interesting characters that readers can really root for. ……and then we’ll blow it all to hades by injecting an entirely unnecessary and vaguely disturbing romantic element on the female protagonist’s part. Because, y’know, we just can’t write a young adult novel without having thoughts of true love and passionate kisses involved.

And wah-la! You have The Last City!

Okay, so maybe that was a little over-dramatic because even if you’d taken the hormones out, I still don’t think I’d have liked The Last City all that much. While I genuinely do like how the author brought a few different elements together, it’s not really anything that stands out. Peter Clines’ Ex-Heroes book does the mutants versus zombies premise in a more interesting fashion. All the other elements have been done, and done, and done again. Even zombies aren’t quite enough to save it. It took me three attempts to be able to finish the book.

Alright, that’s not quite fair. Here’s where it really is, and I just figured this out whilst writing up the review. I would have liked this whole book a lot more if we just cut out all the sections with Liza. At least Tommy’s story was interesting, and his relationship with Joelle was one I definitely wanted to read more of.

Ooh, there’s an idea! Can we have a few more young adult books where there’s affection without attraction? Can we acknowledge that not all young adults are boiling stews of hormonal juices and deliver stories that don’t at least partially rely on all the mushy feels? Pleeease?

Logan Keys can write. Not even going to pretend otherwise. There was some serious talent involved in writing The Last City. She had so many good quotable lines in here!

“What kind of monster would bash my brains in for being out at night? I know what kind. One who thinks he protects us by stripping away our rights. … To endure the worst things ‘for our own good’.”

or even simply:

“It’s never too expensive to be a good human being.”

Can we just have that one plastered everywhere? We, in America, need to get that through our collective heads. It’s NEVER too expensive to be a good human being!!

That’s what makes it even more frustrating. That she has this novel that has so many awesome aspects to it, and then she has this …this…relationship shoved into it. One that really legitimately is vaguely disturbing in the beginning.

The Last City was almost awesome! But..almost doesn’t count. However, I do think Logan Keys is an author to keep an eye on. I think she’s got the potential to blow us away. Just…not with this book.

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  1. You know this will be going on my Amazon Cart after that great praise. Funny that you read this around the same time I read Ash. She’s a younger character but also battling cancer.

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